Ranchi-Bound IndiGo Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Delhi; 2nd Technical Snag Case In 24-Hrs

by Tejashee Kashyap
Ranchi-Bound IndiGo Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Delhi; 2nd Technical Snag Case In 24-Hrs

IndiGo, one of India’s largest and most popular low-cost airlines, has encountered a series of engine glitches in its aircraft, raising concerns among passengers recently. An IndiGo flight made an emergency landing on Saturday for the second time in a week.

IndiGo Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing In Delhi

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The Indigo flight from Delhi to Ranchi returned to Delhi due to a brief technical caution, according to an announcement from Indigo Airlines on Saturday, according to an article by Mint.

According to an article by India Today, The pilot of the IndiGo flight reportedly stated the technical issue mid-flight and that the jet was returning to the IGI airport, as said by a passenger on the flight.  The IndiGo flight left the capital city at about 7:40 am and arrived back around 8:20 am. The passengers were notified by the IndiGo crew that a different aircraft was being planned for the specified operation.

As the airline industry evolves, addressing engine malfunctions will remain a top priority to ensure passenger safety, regain customer trust, and maintain the industry’s reputation for reliability and efficiency. Additionally, this is the second incident of an IndiGo flight returning to the airport due to a technical snag in 24 hours.

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This Is The Second Technical Snag Of An IndiGo Flight In 24 Hours

IndiGo Flight
image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Over the past few days, IndiGo has faced several incidents related to engine malfunctions.

According to an article by India Today, an emergency landing was done at the Patna airport on Friday by an IndiGo aeroplane. The plane 6E 2433 was flying to Delhi after one of its engines failed. After departing from Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport with 181 passengers and 8 staff members on board, the aircraft made this landing shortly after.

The pilot reported one engine not working three minutes after takeoff. At 9.11 am, the plane touched down safely. The pilot reported no additional help. Later, the passengers got an alternative flight.

Recently again, Dehradun-bound IndiGo flight experienced technical difficulties. It had to make an emergency landing at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport in New Delhi. Additionally, the plane landed without incident, and nobody was hurt.

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