Is IndiGo India’s Most Unsafe Airline? Fined ₹30 Lakhs For 4 Tail Strikes In 6 Months

by Tooba Shaikh
Is IndiGo India’s Most Unsafe Airline? Fined ₹30 Lakhs For 4 Tail Strikes In 6 Months

IndiGo, a low-cost carrier airline in India is frequently featured in a number of headlines, and more often than not, they’re not good. From flight delays to passenger misdemeanours, it has had multiple issues. Recently, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) carried out a special audit of the airline. The airline was fined a whopping ₹30 lakhs. All of these instances have raised the question, is IndiGo India’s most unsafe airline?

DGCA Fined IndiGo ₹30 Lakhs For 4 Tail Strikes In 6 Months

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On the 3rd of August, Friday, the DGCA carried out a special audit of the airline. This was because it was revealed that the airline has suffered from four tail strikes in the last six months. The tail strikes incidents were of aircraft A321. This is extremely dangerous and hence, the DGCA fined the airline for ₹30 lakhs.

According to an article recently published by Inventiva, the fine was also because of the systemic deficiencies that the DGCA found with respect to the documentation of engineering procedures, training and operations. IndiGo, which is the country’s largest airline, stated in a statement that it would respond to the DGCA’s order in some time after examining it.

The DGCA also found deficiencies in its FDM programmes. FDM refers to Flight Data Monitoring and it keeps tabs on the data available regarding its flights.

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Is IndiGo India’s Most Unsafe Airline?

most unsafe airlines
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In a press release, the DGCA stated that the airline could not satisfy the OEM guidelines as well as the DGCA requirements. It also asked the airline to amend its documents as per the same. OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The airline has been given 15 days to respond to the DGCA’s order. Such things have given the airline the name of the most unsafe one in India. Tail strikes are a serious cause for safety. It is when the tail part of the aircraft makes contact or collides with the runway. It can happen either during take-offs or landings. 

“Post DGCA special audit in June 2023 in the areas of documentation and procedure on operations, training, and FDM programme; IndiGo was issued a show cause notice on 03 July 2023 giving 15 days to respond. The DGCA audit was presumably conducted in view of four tail strike incidents involving A321 aircraft in the past six months. IndiGo responded to the DGCA show cause notice on 19 July 2023 indicating that there is no violation of procedures laid down by OEM and approved in the regulatory manuals. However, DGCA after review of IndiGo’s show cause notice has imposed a financial penalty of INR 30 Lakhs on 28 July 2023. IndiGo has been given one month’s time to possibly appeal against the order,” stated a spokesperson from the airline.

The statement also said that the airline is examining the DGCA order and shall respond to it in due time. IndiGo would like to assure its customers that the airline has zero tolerance for any safety compromise.

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