Delhi’s Cafe Tesu Is A Haven For Coffee Lovers & It Serves You A Whiskey Based Coffee

by Jinal Inamdar
Delhi’s Cafe Tesu Is A Haven For Coffee Lovers & It Serves You A Whiskey Based Coffee

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The newest addition to Delhi’s social scene, Cafe Tesu is creating the right buzz with its whiskey coffee.

What Is It?

Painted in bright and radiant hues of turquoise, this one is easy to spot. Situated far away from the hustle of the city, Tesu is located at Delhi’s Essex Farms. The highlight here ofcourse is the variety of coffee they have to offer. We are most intrigued by the Whiskey Barrel coffee, which is basically coffee stored in a barrel and smoked with Whiskey!

Photo Credit: India Today
Photo Credit: India Today

What’s In It?

The cafe is dedicated to coffee lovers. From diversified preparation methods to coffee beans from across the world to interesting ingredients, Cafe Tesu is the kind of a place where you must sit alongside the large windows and enjoy your book and coffee. They have even collaborated with the Goan coffee brand called Devi. There also serve Cascara, which is type of coffee cherry tea made from dried berry skin and coffee plant! The brew is light and goes with almost any dish from their menu. Then there’s our favourite –  Whiskey Barrel coffee. This coffee stored in a barrel smoked with whisky has a brilliant aroma. Opt for the pour over than the French press as it is lighter. Two other must-haves are Devi Ivory Coast Mocha Coffee and Devi Kapi Royale.


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Cafe Tesu interiors
Cafe Tesu interiors- Image Credit: Eattreat
Coffee at cafe Tesu
Coffee at cafe Tesu- Image Credit: Eattreat

Tesu has a huge collection of egg preparations to choose from. Pick anything from their all-day breakfast menu and you won’t be disappointed. From the mains, few options include, dimsums, sushi, pizzas, momos and desserts. Their pancakes are pillowy soft and the dumplings are cooked to perfection.

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All day-breakfast at Tesu
All day-breakfast at Tesu- Image Credit: Eattreat


Address: Essex Farms, 4 Aurobindo Marg, Near IIT Crossing
Price: ₹500 for two people (approx)


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