5 Reasons To Travel To Hampi For A Honeymoon

by Pratiksha
5 Reasons To Travel To Hampi For A Honeymoon

Whenever someone mentions Hampi, the first things that come to mind are the temples and historical ruins that it is home to. But Hampi is so much more than that. Gradually, it has gained traction and has seen a boom in tourism with students and foreigners flocking to the world heritage site. And that is precisely the reason why it makes for a great honeymoon destination. A place with relatively less tourist traffic, there is something in the air of Hampi that instantly puts you at peace. And after a hectic following the wedding and festivities, you deserve some time off with your SO. And here are multiple reasons to travel to Hampi for a honeymoon.

1. Exploring The History Of Hampi

There’s no doubt that Hampi has a very rich history. Having been the capital of the Vijaynagara empire back in the 14th century, ruins of the legendary kingdom stay strewn across Hampi. Once one of the most prosperous cities in the country, Hampi is now quiet as the sun shines down on it. And that makes it the perfect place for a history buff. You can go exploring the multitude of temples that are scattered around. Anejyandri Hill, the alleged birthplace of Hanuman is also situated here and even if you aren’t religious makes for a fun thing to check out. Since Hampi was the second-largest medieval city back in the 1500s, it has a lot of Portuguese and Persian influence. With the right combination of western and eastern influences, Hampi is truly unique.

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2. Bouldering Against Hampi’s Landscape

Hampi is blessed with a very rugged landscape, which means that wherever the eye roves, you can see big boulders. This is something that is very intrinsic to the town. From small rocks to boulders that are as big as cars, they all placed haphazardly throughout. For the adventure junkie, this makes for the perfect place to explore their passion for bouldering. So, grab your loved one and strap on your harness and climb on to the boulders like the monkeys who seem to be omnipresent here.

Image credits: 27 Crags

3. Catching The Sunset From Matanga Hill

Hampi’s location ensures that you can catch a brilliant sunset from wherever you are. But we think that the best seats in the house are at the top of the Matanga Hill. It is the highest point of Hampi and is situated bang in the middle of it. After trekking up to the hill, being rewarded with a golden sun setting down on the landscape is insanely rewarding. And it feels even better when you get to share it with your loved one. Right at the top of the Matanga Hill is the Veerbhadra Temple. If you want to go higher up then you can just climb the stairs up to the roof of the temple and watch Hampi in all its glory. But if you prefer the company of other people then you can head to the ‘Sunset Point’ located in Hippie Island and take part in the sunset jamming session.

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4. Cliff Jumping Into The Cool Water

I think it’s pretty obvious that the climate in Hampi ensures that it is always sunny around here. Which also means that it’s going to be extremely hot so you can kiss cuddling goodbye. Thankfully, there are ways to get some respite and if you have a streak of adventure in you then cliff diving might be right up your alley. With multiple water bodies, you can jump off cliffs straight into the water. Trust me, when the heat is bad, this is the perfect way to cool down.

5. Visiting Hippie Island

Hippie Island is one of the coolest places in Hampi. The tiny island which is located in the Tungabhadra River is a hot spot for foreigners who love the laidback atmosphere here. If you want to get away from the hustle-bustle and live in a hippie state of mind then this place is perfect for you. They also have a lot of cool cafes here which will make for the perfect places to kick back and relax in.