Repeated ICA Rejects, Invalid Covid Tests Stop UAE Residents From Returning Home

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Repeated ICA Rejects, Invalid Covid Tests Stop UAE Residents From Returning Home

Dubai has reopened for tourism, but unfortunately over thousands of UAE Residents are still stuck outside. Residents are crying foul, with no hope of reuniting with their families. While some of them are waiting for approval from the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship, (ICA), a few others received multiple rejects.

Residents also complain of visa complications and other obstacles as their covid tests are no longer accepted by UAE. This has also led to residents who have received permission, being stranded as their Covid tests are considered invalid. The whole process and indefinite waiting has led to frustration among residents who are desperate to get back to their home country.

Expats also complained that ICA approvals were cancelled after being approved, as their Covid negative certificates will be accepted ONLY from government authorized test centers. In addition, residents have also expressed dismay about Dubai welcoming tourists, while thousands of expats with jobs, are still stuck outside their home.

Besides, frequent changes in rules have led to a lot of confusion and difficulty in keeping track of the latest policies. All those stuck outside are trying desperately to be heard, so they reunite with their families before Eid. Residents also posted tweets tagging #BringBackUAEResidents on Twitter. The tweets expressed their frustration in visas being rejected, and also had a post which read ‘Please Approve Our ICA Permit’.

A few of them also cried about helplessness. One of the residents also posted that his wife was pregnant and all alone in Dubai. He is unable to get to her as his application has been rejected multiple times.