Report: China’s Wuhan Is Now Coronavirus Free

by Suchismita Pal
Report: China’s Wuhan Is Now Coronavirus Free

Wuhan, China, from where the story of COVID-19 had started, is finally free from the virus now. The last patient, a 77-year-old man, was discharged from the hospital on 26th April 2020 after testing negative twice for coronavirus. Responding to the event, a doctor from Wuhan, Shang You was reported as saying, “It is a historic day. We have been waiting for this day for so long.”. Read on to know the details.

How Did It Happen?

Coronavirus is believed to have started spreading from an animal market in Wuhan. With no treatment initially found for the novel virus, the number of cases began to surge very rapidly and soon the condition went beyond control. The city had been put on complete lockdown on 23rd January 2020 that continued for the next 76 days. Even temporary hospitals with about 60,000 beds were set up to cater to the increasing demands of coronavirus treatment.

The Hubei province in China, along with its capital city Wuhan, had reported more than 67,000 confirmed cases and over 3000 deaths. More than 42,000 medical workers were sent to Hubei from all across China. Also, essential medical supplies like masks, protective suits, ventilators and other necessities were provided in large numbers. Around 56 million people in Hubei stayed indoors while Wuhan was fighting the virus. Now, after a battle of about three months, Wuhan has managed to put COVID-19 at bay.

Wuhan China coronavirus
Picture Credits: Tin 247

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What Else?

The lockdown was lifted in Hubei on April 8, after the decline in the number of cases and people were allowed to resume their businesses. Travel in China has also opened up now. The week-long May Day holiday in China has already pulled in millions of tourists this year. This has spiked up China’s domestic tourism revenue to more than 9.7 billion yuan, which is about $1.38 billion.

Wuhan China coronavirus
Picture Credits: Live Science

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By becoming coronavirus free within a span of around three months, Wuhan is giving hopes to numerous other countries who are still fighting the infection. Keep patience and faith in the health workers who are selflessly working in the frontline. They are sacrificing their sleep and working day and night to throw coronavirus out of the nation. To make their work easier, we must continue staying home despite the lockdown relaxations. If you at all have to step out, you must strictly abide by the social distancing norms.