Popular Sites In China Get Packed With Over 20,000 Tourists As Ban Gets Lifted

by Kanika Sharma
Popular Sites In China Get Packed With Over 20,000 Tourists As Ban Gets Lifted

China recently lifted the ban on lockdown. Not only from the public parks and spaces but also from its tourist sites. This caused thousands of people to step out and flock tourists sites across the country, despite the health advisory issued.

What’s Happening?

The risk is not over yet. The health advisory has been asking people to be cautious and maintain distance, because the numbers of the global pandemic still continue to rise around the world. Despite enough warnings, thousands of tourists came out to visit the Huangshan Mountain Park in Anhui province.

Picture Credit: CNN

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According to news reports, the rush was so much that during the early morning hours itself; the authorities had to shut down the entry because it crossed the 20,000 limit. This is the ‘daily capacity’ of the park, and it was exceeded within the morning hours itself. It is also believed that one of the reasons why so many people decided to visit the popular tourist spot was because there was no entry ticket for the same.

What’s More?

Many people were seen stepping out across different parts of China as well. According to various news reports, the Bund waterfront in Shanghai was also crowded. It wasn’t only the shops that were open but the restaurants were completely operational as well. So much so, the guests required prior reservation to enter the place. The local parks and open spaces were also taken over by people in Beijing as well.

Picture Credit: CNN Philippines

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The supposed ‘normalcy’ has come almost after 3 months of lockdown. China has had over 80,000 deaths ever since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. While the numbers are still rising in the rest of the world, China seems to be trying to get back to its regular routine. With the pandemic still at a critical stage, was it right for China to open these spaces? We wonder…