Rich In Real Flavours Of Mexico, This New Restaurant In Mumbai Is A Treat For The Senses!

by Mallika Khurana

The Mezcalita, named after the margarita’s hipper cousin, is your ticket to the regions of Mexico that the tourist brochure doesn’t show you. Mezcalita, a Latin American street party held in Mumbai, is inspired by the lively cantina culture of México. Their staff ensures that every dish and drink has authentic Mexican flavors. Mezcalita is the flavor of Mexico, steeped in the country’s vibrant current and seasoned with a generous splash of its amazing Mexican heritage.

With its diverse decor and vivid, colorful murals, this building immediately transports you to the spirit of Mexico. It is the ideal location for a romantic meal for two or a fun evening with your buddies because the ambiance is the perfect balance of classic and modern components.

Mezcalita Is Spot For Mexican Delight

Mezcalita Mumbai

Photo Credits: Press Release

The menu at Mezcalita is packed with delicious meals from throughout the nation. These dishes have been carefully chosen to give you a taste of all that is true of Mexican cuisine. It is divided into different sections so you can choose how you want to eat—from a fast snack to leisurely family dinners or a great night out with your friends.

A significant Mexi-Conscious portion, Las Entradas (starters), which include Quesadillas, Tacos, Panuchos, and Alambres, have a spot on the menu, along with numerous variations of the Guacamole, Nachos With Chile, Salads, and Ceviches. Make sure to save room for dessert whether you’re dining alone or with a group of pals. The well-known Tres Leches De Cereza is an authentic Mexican dessert on their menu that you must try!

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Mezcalita Is An Iconic Spot For The Yummiest Cocktails

Mezcalita Mumbai

Photo Credits: Press Release

You can pick your spirit and let the good times roll because they have everything from mellow tequilas for sipping to spicy mezcals. Mezcal or tequila is the base for their house specialities. No matter if you choose the Cha-Chinga, Oaxaca to Osaka, or any other drink, you are surely in for a great time at Mezcalita. Count on each of their cocktails for a distinctive flavour.

Where: Churchgate, Mumbai

When: 12 PM-1.30 AM

Cost:  ₹1700 ( For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release