Riyadh Season & Saudia Unveil A Brand New Zone, BLVD Runway With A 10/10 Burger Joint

 A collaborative sky-high adventure grounded in Riyadh.

by Deeplata Garde
Riyadh Season & Saudia Unveil A Brand New Zone, BLVD Runway With A 10/10 Burger Joint

Embark on a thrilling journey as Riyadh Season welcomes the latest addition to its offering BLVD Runway. Construction has officially started on this unique zone, a collaborative venture between Riyadh Season and Saudia, promising an exhilarating experience for travel enthusiasts.

Sky-High Luxury Unveiling With BLVD Runway’s Distinctive Features

In the realm of BLVD Runway, prepare for a journey that transcends the ordinary. Unveiling its unique features, this zone boasts at least five stationary aircraft, ensuring a taste of air travel luxury. The collaboration with Saudia hints at an immersive experience, offering a fresh perspective on entertainment and aviation-related thrills.

Beyond The Skies, Redefining Entertainment Horizons

BLVD Runway is set to redefine entertainment horizons with its stationary aircraft experiences. Highlighting gaming events and thrilling aviation activities, this zone invites adventurers to experience the joy of air travel without the hassle of boarding passes, luggage, or passports.

A Glimpse Into BLVD Runway’s Mystery

While the undisclosed location and dates of BLVD Runway pique curiosity, enthusiasts can stay tuned to Time Out for the latest updates. Riyadh Season teases an experience that promises to transport visitors into a realm of luxury and excitement.

Ticket teaser anticipation grows for the BLVD Runway experience. Details about BLVD Runway tickets are yet to be announced, heightening the excitement. Stay connected to be among the first to secure a spot in this groundbreaking air travel extravaganza.

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Gourmet Delights Above The Clouds

BLVD Runway introduces a culinary journey beyond the ordinary. With five custom aircraft, this zone offers gourmet meals and entertainment surpassing typical aeroplane fare. Say goodbye to bland aeroplane food as the new spot promises elevated options, including the highly praised 10/10 burger joint, set to pioneer many restaurants landing in this innovative zone.

Travel Rituals Reimagined BLVD Runway’s Specialized Aircraft

Designed to offer experiences beyond conventional air travel, the project features specialized aircraft typically used for tasks other than passenger transport. Transformed into entertainment hubs, these planes promise to provide visitors with the joy of travel rituals without embarking on extensive journeys. Each visit guarantees a memorable and unique adventure, showcasing the innovative spirit of Riyadh Season’s latest creation.

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/TURKI ALALSHIKH

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