Road Accident Is Important Public Health Issue Says Special Commissioner of Police

by Ananya Singh
Road Accident Is Important Public Health Issue Says Special Commissioner of Police

Although everyone should have access to safe streets, not everyone does. Road traffic safety is, therefore, a severe public health concern. Unfortunately, the deaths and injuries brought on by road accidents happen frequently. In addition, road traffic accidents result in human suffering and place a significant financial burden on victims and their families.

It is due to medical expenses for the injured and lost productivity of the deceased or crippled. This Road Safety Week, various dignitaries from Traffic Management Division and Government emphasised how to tackle these problems. Many issues were addressed, and solutions were put forward. Read more to find out all about it!

Traffic Management Division On Road Safety In Delhi

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Road traffic crashes are not just a highway safety problem, they are a public health problem. Road accidents in the NCR region due to rash driving is alarming, like the scooterist who was hit by a car and dragged across Delhi’s streets. The Special Commissioner of Police of Traffic Management Division is concerned over road traffic accidents. He says it emerged as an essential public health issue that requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

Mr Surender Singh Yadav was present at the event ‘Road Safety Week’ held on 16 January 2023, organised by the Ministry of RTH, Govt of India, in association with FICCI.  He explained that the number of fatal and damaging traffic accidents are rising daily and that preventing them is a severe public health problem. He talks about using e-challans, enforcing traffic laws, and building better infrastructure like roads.

Enforcing The 3Es To Prevent Road Accidents

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Dr Sewa Ram, professor of Transport Planning School, Delhi, highlights there needs to be more knowledge of road safety rules among people. Road safety is at a crossroads. It is because of the differences between rural and urban areas, regulation and implementation, and the need for coordination. Additionally, it leads to a need for more accountability.

Mr Ramashankar Pandey, Chair FICCI Sub-Committee on Road Safety, explains the three E’s – Enforcement, Emergency care, and Engineering to reduce road accidents. He also emphasised how all the 3Es can be implemented not just through government laws and personal efforts. But how the corporate sector will have to pitch in to have a long-lasting effect of awareness. However, it will be effective once they integrate all the stakeholders, and the gap will be reduced significantly.

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