Road Trips From Bengaluru To Mumbai, Pune Cut Short By 95 Km Thanks To New Expressway

by Shreya Ghosh
Road Trips From Bengaluru To Mumbai, Pune Cut Short By 95 Km Thanks To New Expressway

If you love to go on exciting road trips, we have amazing news to share with you. A massive project of an expressway is currently in the initial phase and it will connect Pune and Mumbai to Bengaluru while covering 12 districts en route. This expressway is coming with tonnes of benefits, and the most important one is reducing travel time. To know it all, keep reading till the end.

This Expressway Will Shorten Road Trip Time To Mumbai & Pune From Bengaluru

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The distance to travel between Bengaluru and Pune are around 842 km. You will need about 15 hours to travel between these two states. With the inauguration of this new expressway, the travel time on the road will be reduced to quite an extent. As per a report in The Times of India, the time required for a road trip between Bengaluru and Pune will shorten to 95 km. The decrease in road travel time is also applicable to Mumbai along with Pune.

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MSRDC is looking after this massive project with an estimated cost of ₹50,000 crores. The construction will soon begin from Karjat. Currently, the expressway construction is completely in the very initial phase. The pilot survey is approved. The next step of this project is to submit a final blueprint to the NHAI by the end of 2022.

Construction Of More Highways Is In Plan As Well!

There is so much exciting news on the construction of new highways and expressways that will help in reducing travel time by quite a few hours. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister, shared about the planning of green highways sometime back. He discussed the plans and proposals to construct green highways connecting Bengaluru and Pune and Mumbai. Gadkari also emphasised how these green highways will help in reducing road trip hours to almost 4 hours to connect between Bengaluru and Pune and almost 5 hours between Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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Gadkari also focused on the new highways between Delhi and various destinations in India and how the travel time will reduce:

  • 2 hours to travel to Jaipur from Delhi
  • 2.5 hours to travel from Delhi to Chandigarh
  • 4 hours to reach Amritsar from Delhi
  • 6 hours to travel to Katra from Delhi
  • 8 hours to reach from Delhi to Srinagar
  • 12 hours to travel from Delhi to Mumbai
  • 2 hours to travel to Bengaluru from Chennai

Are you ready to take road trips just like us?