Jammu & Kashmir Highway To Turn Into All-Weather Express Highway Very Soon

by Shreya Ghosh
Jammu & Kashmir Highway To Turn Into All-Weather Express Highway Very Soon

Travelling on road has become convenient over the years because of the National Highways and Expressways. These highways have made it very easy to commute from big cities to corners of the country. And now the Jammu & Kashmir highway is going to be turned into an express highway for tourists and travellers to travel on road conveniently. Read on to know how the National Highways Authority of India is working on this project.

Jammu & Kashmir Highway To Turn Into All-Weather Express Highway

Jammu & Kashmir expressway
Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons/ Image for representation

The National Highways Authority of India is in the process to make the Jammu & Kashmir Highway into an express highway. This road connecting Jammu & Kashmir with other parts of India will become an all-weather highway with improved road infrastructure. This development will help in cutting travel time and commuting way faster than now.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a package of ₹80,000 in Kashmir. This package was announced when PM visited Kashmir in 2015 and announced this for working on ‘Naya Jammu & Kashmir’. Under this package, some part was for the construction and development of highways in the union territory.

Journey To Reach Kashmir Is A Lot Enhanced

The mode of travelling to Kashmir from different parts of India is improving well. The work is ongoing to improve the infrastructure and provide seamless travel experiences to the passengers during their journey to Kashmir, be it via air railways, and road. Right now, almost 100 flights fly from the Sheikh Ul Alam International Airport (Srinagar international airport) every day. Tourist footfall is also gradually increasing. With the completion of turning the Jammu & Kashmir highway into an express highway, the road journey will become much more convenient.

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A trip to Kashmir is always a fantastic idea. Exploring picturesque landscapes, green scenic backgrounds, and the most beautiful form of nature; Kashmir is truly the ‘Heaven on Earth’. And with such improved infrastructure, the experience will be better than ever.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons