Rogan Josh To Paneer Chaman, Anupam Kher’s Lip-Smacking Kashmiri Spread Will Make You Hungry

by Shreya Ghosh
Rogan Josh To Paneer Chaman, Anupam Kher’s Lip-Smacking Kashmiri Spread Will Make You Hungry

India is truly a diverse country in every way possible. Home to so many states, different cultures, and different people, you will find new and unique specialties in every landscape of India. Among so many different and traditional recipes, authentic Kashmiri food always steals everyone’s heart. And it seems that the Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is a fan of Kashmiri cuisine as well.

Anupam Kher’s Lip-Smacking Kashmiri Spread Will Make You Drool!

Anupam Kher
Photo credit- Anupam Kher Instagram

Taking to his Instagram, the actor shared some happy moments of him relishing a spread of some Kashmiri dishes. In this video, we heard him saying in the background ‘Ye dekho Neelam ji ke haath ka bana hua swadisht khaana (take a look at these tasty foods prepared by Neelam ji). Swadisht khana (tasty food) prepared by Neelam ji included a delectable spread of Dum Aloo, Paneer Chaman, Rogan Josh, and more.

Anupam Kher Loves & Lives To Eat!

Instagram followers of Anupam Kher know that he is a massive foodie and he loves to try out different food all the time. In fact, we often see him trying out regional delicacies. Very recently, he shared videos of some mouth-watering desserts on his Instagram stories. It was an assortment of our favourite desserts starting with black forest gateaux to walnut brownies to badam ka halwa to mud pudding and a lot more. He always adds some fun elements to his Instagram videos and for this video, he said, ‘dekho aur barbad ho jao’ (look and get ruined). Well, anyone will be ready to ruin their diet if they get to gorge on such a massive spread of these delicious desserts.

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Why Do We Love Kashmiri Cuisine?

Everyone has a love and fascination for Kashmiri cuisine. And we feel the reason behind this is the authentic flavours of good quality spices. Traditional Kashmiri dishes are a blend of both flavours and aromas and everything truly tastes heavenly. Also, the taste palette of Kashmiri dishes is quite unique, rather much different from the rest of the world.

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Do you also love to gorge on Kashmiri cuisine? If yes, let us know your favourites.

Cove Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Anupam Kher, Wikimedia Commons