Mumbai International Airport: Price Of Rapid RT-PCR Test Capped To ₹1975

by Suchismita Pal
Mumbai International Airport: Price Of Rapid RT-PCR Test Capped To ₹1975

After passengers expressed their anguish, the cost of the rapid PCR test at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport has been reduced from ₹3,900 to ₹3,500. What makes these rapid PCR tests more popular than RT-PCR tests is the rapid turnaround time where a report is out within 45-60 minutes as opposed to the four-hour waiting time.

Prices Of Rapid RT-PCR Tests At Mumbai International Airport Reduced To ₹1,975

After multiple complaints about overcharging for RT-PCR tests at Mumbai International Airport, the prices of the Rapid RT-PCR test pricing will be capped at ₹1,975. The Maharashtra public health department issued a statement saying that the testing prices will be reduced at the Mumbai international airport. This development comes after multiple complaints about Mumbai International Airport Limited charging as high as ₹4,500

Man Denied Boarding Without Covid Report In Delhi Airport; Walks On Conveyor Belt

A 36-year old businessman hailing from Rudrapur in Uttar Pradesh started walking on the baggage belt at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi after he was denied boarding a Mumbai-bound flight for not carrying a mandatory negative RT-PCR test report. The test report was compulsory as per the government guidelines. On June 21, 2021, Suraj Pandey headed to the counter of Vistara Airlines at Delhi Airport without the report. Therefore, the authorities did not allow him to board flight UK933 from Delhi to Mumbai. Reportedly, after facing denial, he became violent and started yelling and even started walking on the conveyor belt to obstruct airline personnel and other passengers.

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The Man Demanded Flight Adjustment And Misbehaved With Airline Staff

After being denied to board the Mumbai bound flight without a negative RT-PCR report, Suraj Pandey had demanded an adjustment on another flight. But he was not allowed to fly without the report. Pandey blew up and started misbehaving with the airline staff. The police arrested him after they received a complaint from Deepak Chadha, Deputy Manager of Vistara Airlines. The CISF officials dragged him out of the check-in area and handed over to the local police.

According to an NDTV report, Rajeev Ranjan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (IGI Airport) said that the cops have checked the CCTV footage and confirmed that Pandey had committed an offence under relevant sections of the Delhi Police Act. He was arrested and his medical examination was also conducted. Vistara Operates India’s First Flight With Fully Vaccinated Crew From Delhi To Mumbai

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Vistara Provided Full Refund Of Booking To The Customer

As the offence was bailable, the police released him and produced him before a Delhi court. Narrating about the incident, a Vistara spokesperson said, “His acts threatened the safety of ground operations. We have provided a full refund of the booking to the customer and notified the authorities of the incident.” Vistara has also stated that the airline has a ‘zero-tolerance policy’ against inappropriate behaviour or act that threatens the safety and dignity of its passengers and staff.