Run By A Woman Who Does It All, Domchoe’s Homestay In Bhutan Is Warm & Magnificent!

by Mallika Khurana
Run By A Woman Who Does It All, Domchoe’s Homestay In Bhutan Is Warm & Magnificent!

A lovely family estate called Damchoe’s Homestay is located in Thimphu amidst a small farm. The hostess, Aum Damchoe, is a pleasant and business-minded woman who cooks excellent food. Around the house, she makes her own tofu and grows her own fresh produce. The blooms around the property are lovely in the spring and summer. The spacious house mixes a sense of being at home with excellent lodging.

In order to accommodate visitors, Damchoe has expanded and added a few small cottages. As a result, you will probably not be the only visitor there, and the experience will be similar to a “vacation on the farm” in Europe.

Make The Most Of The Bhutanese Experience At Damchoe’s Homestay

Homestay in Bhutan
Photo Credits: Website/Damchoe’s Homestay

There is lots of room for children to play outside at Damchoe’s homestay, which is highly family-friendly.  You may get a glimpse of urban Bhutanese domestic life in this spacious home, as well as sample some of the delectable meals prepared with garden-fresh ingredients. You can have engaging chats with Aum Damchoe and her family if you’re interested in learning more because they both speak excellent English. Could it get any better than this? It might!

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A Perfect Homestay For a Family Vacation

Langjophakha, a tiny hamlet close to Thimphu yet very remote, is where Damchoe’s HomeStay is situated. With organic vegetable gardens, a backyard chicken farm, and miniature tofu processing equipment, this guesthouse in Bhutan offers the essence of “seeing beyond the tourist path” and “real home” experiences.

This place is definitely the greatest lodging to enjoy the atmosphere of a home.  If you appreciate being in a homey environment, you can choose this guesthouse for your trip to Bhutan blindly. Get ready to enjoy the garden’s fresh produce and aesthetically pleasing foliage while staying at the guesthouse. 

Discover things off the beaten tourist path by taking advantage of the rare opportunity to stay in an authentic, modern Bhutanese homestay.

Where: Thimphu City Center, Thimphu

Cost: The price varies depending on the time of the year. Visit their website for more information.

Check-in time: From 12 PM

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Damchoe’s Homestay