Russia President Putin Has Special Suitcase To Carry His Poop, Urine From Foreign Trips

by Sanmita A
Russia President Putin Has Special Suitcase To Carry His Poop, Urine From Foreign Trips

If you’re on a foreign trip, what would you prefer to bring back? Your belonging, memoirs and gifts for your loved ones? But, not if you’re a Russian leader. Reports suggest that the Russian President, Vladamir Putin brings all the excreta back home each time he is on a foreign trip. According to a media report, Putin has a group of security personnel who accompany him while he is off to finish his business in the washroom.

Why Carry One’s Poop Back Home From Trips?

Well, you have got to be careful if you’re one of the world’s most powerful leaders and have strong secrets to protect. The security personnel deployed for collecting his droppings carry a special suitcase during foreign trips. This is done so to protect any secrets regarding his health.

Also, a video from 2019 has been doing rounds on the internet and making us wonder if there might be some truth in the reports and speculations.

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Apparently, Putin’s team has been doing this since 2017 and it was first noticed then. According to various media reports, this phenomenon has been on with Putin right from the start of his leadership.

Putin_1And, the reason behind this is to protect any information regarding his health which could be used against him by his rivals.

Cancer And Other Rumours Surrounding Putin’s Health Condition

Some experts even say he wants to protect his image at any cost and no vulnerability of his should go out to the foreign intelligence services. If you didn’t know, there were also reports on Putin suffering from cancer. There were tons of rumours about his ill health doing rounds on the internet. This makes it all the more important for the President to safeguard himself, isn’t it?

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