Sadhguru: Education Is About Expanding Human Horizons | Curly Tales

by Tooba Shaikh
Sadhguru: Education Is About Expanding Human Horizons | Curly Tales

In this episode of Sunday Brunch, Curly Tales got spiritual! Our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani visited the newly built Isha Foundation Yoga Centre in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We got to sit down and have a Sunday Brunch with the man behind it all, Sadhguru. Although, ‘brunch’ might just be a misnomer for what we get to eat. This Sunday Brunch, we got to try an austere but nutritious spread of different kinds of dry fruits and nuts. The breakfast was just as enriching as our conversation with Sadhguru.

Education Is About Expanding Human Horizons For Sadhguru

During our conversation with Sadhguru, we spoke to him about education and how the conventional education system is structured. He said that his parents tried to send him to school but he protested and refused to go.

His reason was clear: it all seemed quite a hotchpotch to him. Schools are designed to teach multiple subjects to one student. You’re focusing on Chemistry in one lecture, and then suddenly, you have to think about math and numbers. Then, out of the blue, you have to study English literature.

This, to him, seemed like students are being trained to be jacks of all trades and masters of none. To him, true education is about the expansion of human minds and horizons. However, what schools do is limit human capabilities in the name of following a structure.

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Silent Breakfast At The Ashram

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Since the breakfast that we had during the Sunday Brunch was so austere, we tried the silent breakfast provided at the Ashram. The idea is that you remain silent throughout the meal and focus solely on the food.

You’re not allowed to speak to anyone else. All your attention is dedicated to the process of eating. You become mindful of the taste. This practice is supposed to heighten the experience of a meal and it is even claimed that food consumed in this way benefits the body more.

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