Kamiya Jani Enjoys A Healthy & Soulful Sunday Breakfast With Sadhguru | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Kamiya Jani Enjoys A Healthy & Soulful Sunday Breakfast With Sadhguru | Curly Tales

Sitting at the same table with Sadhguru and spending some time with him to gain some valuable knowledge; an imagination, rather a dream for many. Curly Tales Editor In Chief Kamiya Jani got an amazing opportunity to meet and enjoy a soulful breakfast with the spiritual leader himself at Isha Yoga Centre In Coimbatore on this episode of Sunday brunch. When the guest is none other than Sadhguru, we can only imagine the number of valuable lessons to learn from him.

Kamiya Jani Joined Sadhguru To Enjoy A Soulful Breakfast

While most of our Sunday Brunch episodes are about gastronomical spreads of loads of delicious dishes, this interview is indeed the most unique. Unlike other Sunday brunches with guests, Kamiya Jani had only a few small bites of some interesting food items. Breakfast with Sadhguru included just a plate with only 6 small bowls containing some super healthy food items to kickstart the day.

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One bowl on the plate included neem leaf balls and turmeric balls. Another bowl had some sprouted methi. And the other bowls contained overnight-soaked groundnuts, some soaked and peeled almonds, some walnuts, and sprouted green grams.

Kamiya Jani Explored The Isha Yoga Centre Too!

Spread across a huge area of 150 acres, Coimbatore’s Isha Yoga Centre houses a lot of incredible things to explore. Kamiya visited the Isha Home School “Gnana Shala” located within the Yoga Centre premises. This might be a home school but offers anything and everything just like any other school, in fact, even better. From conducting music classes to having a physics lab, badminton court, and a lot more, this school is surrounded by greenery and serenity.

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After enjoying a simple breakfast with Sadhguru, Kamiya even ate breakfast with the people of the ashram. This is where people eat at a specified time and enjoy the meal staying silent. In fact, everyone needs to clean their dishes after completing their meal.

To enrich yourself with the wisdom of Sadhguru and gain some important life lessons from him, watch this special Sunday brunch episode. Also, do not forget to subscribe to the Curly Tales YouTube channel for more such amazing interviews, and food and travel videos.

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