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by Vaishalee Kalvankar 240

The latest episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch will have all the spiritual vibes as our show was blessed with the presence of Sadhguru. Our Editor-in-Chief visited the newly built Isha Foundation in Tamil Nadu and met the man himself. Though Sunday brunch is all about delicious delicacies and endless conversations, this time the former was replaced by some nutritious nuts and dry fruits. Here is a small snippet for you from the episode. 

Sadhguru On Being A Voracious Eater

While conversing with Sadhguru, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya, asked him about his views on education and the expectations his parents had for him. He said that his father’s idea of success is becoming a doctor, so he asked him to join the university and then do a master’s. But Sadhguru did not believe in this process. He decided that he would educate himself. He spent an entire year from morning until evening in Mysore University’s library. 

He praised the library at the university while talking about it. He would reach there at morning 9 when it opened. Before visiting the library, Sadhguru would have a mega big breakfast, unlike now. He said that he was a voracious eater back then. Compared to today, he back then ate 10 times more food, but in spite of that, he did not put on any weight because his activities were that intense. He ate a large breakfast every day and spent his time in the library until 8 pm. 

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Structure Of The Conventional Education System

Sadhguru explained to our Editor-in-Chief his view on the education system. The fact that schools believe in teaching one child multiple subjects did not feel right to him. He was a firm believer that education should broaden a student’s horizons rather than turn him into a jack of all trades and master of none.

Kamiya Jani and Sadhguru had fun conversations where the latter shared his views on life, situations, food, and much more. I am sure you must have stumbled upon many of his life-enriching reels on Instagram or videos on YouTube. So if you want to know him and his story better, make sure you watch the recent episode on our channel on YouTube right now! 

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