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We explored the gullies of Chembur with Shamita Shetty in our recent Tere Gully Mein episode. Shamita’s talent for arts is so abundant and she was drawn to becoming an artist since a young age. She spoke to Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-chief, about her childhood, education and how she entered Bollywood. And we must say, it is quite interesting.

Shamita Shetty’s Bollywood Debut


After graduating from college, Shamita interned with the celebrity designer Manish Malhotra. Did you know the designer calls her a calamity queen? She tells us, “So I was interning with Manish Malhotra, and he used to call me a calamity queen. Because I was the person who was constantly falling and dropping things. Manish always told me you’re in the wrong profession. You need to be an actor.” Yes, that was her cue to pursue acting and head to Bollywood! 

It was because of Manish Malhotra that Shamita entered the film industry. Manish introduced the actress to Aditya Chopra, who was then casting for Mohabbatein. So she just gave the audition and got in! Did you know she also won an IIFA for “Star Debut Of The Year- Female” for the film? She did!

Shilpa Shetty Helped The Actress In Her Bollywood Journey

Shamita Shetty

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When Kamiya asks Shamita that since her sister, Shilpa Shetty, was already in the industry before she came, did she ask for any advice, or was Shilpa protective of her? The actress tells us, “She has always been protective of me. We both have. Any offer that would come at that time, I would always ask her. I would ask her how to go about things.” Shamita also tells us how it was difficult for Shilpa Shetty to get into the industry because their grandmother was against it. But Shilpa did it and paved the way for Shamita so that it was easier for her personally.

The Sharara Girl has also tried interior designing, but she says the entertainment industry calls back to her whenever she leaves. The power of the universe, right? To learn about Shamita’s upcoming projects, watch the video above!

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