Sadhguru Shares His Travel Experiences With Kamiya Jani On This Sunday Brunch Episode | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
Sadhguru Shares His Travel Experiences With Kamiya Jani On This Sunday Brunch Episode | Curly Tales

Among the most esteemed spiritual teachers in the entire world is Sadhguru. In this Curly Tales Sunday Brunch, our Editor-in-Chief had the honour of visiting Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore. She had the chance to meet him and had a heartfelt brunch with him in addition to just getting to know him. Along with a wealth of insight and expertise, he shared with us many recollections from his early years. Go ahead, and watch the full video right away!

Sadhguru Shared What His Travel Looks Like

It is a common belief that travelling is very crucial. People get to learn a lot when they travel. However, Sadhguru doesn’t necessarily believe that. He agreed that travelling may help people loosen up a little however it would be wrong to generalise it. While there are many to find themselves during travel, there are others who find it rather crushing. Hence, he says that it should not become a general prescription.

Coming to his own travelling plans, he shared that even though his work revolves around travel and he has been to most parts of the world, his travel remains confined to airports, taxis and conference rooms. It is only rarely that he gets the time and opportunity to explore the major attractions of the city he is visiting.

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He Talked About His Favorite Travel Memory

Sadhguru Sunday Brunch
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When asked about his favourite travel memories and the sight that he really loved, Sadhguru shared that he found some American national parks to be really spectacular. He also admires the western ghats of India. Ever since he turned 19, he trekked in the Himalayan region once every year for 27 years. Clearly, he could not have enough of the Himalayan beauty. He also shared that he uses to trek alone and preferred to travel on top of the buses so that he could make the most of the majestic views around. Now that is a real travel goal!

Even if it was raining or snowing, he always travelled on top of the bus and never missed anything. He believes that, next to a motorcycle, this is the best way to travel.

Want to know more about his adventures? Watch the video right now!

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