Sanjeev Kapoor Shared A Beautiful Video Of Him Making Kashmiri Kahwa & Our Jaws Are On The Floor

by Tooba Shaikh
Sanjeev Kapoor Shared A Beautiful Video Of Him Making Kashmiri Kahwa & Our Jaws Are On The Floor

The relationship that Indians have with chai is perpetual and unbreaking. Our country is home to a plethora of tea types. One such tea type is the Kashmiri Kahwa. This particular tea is not just a beverage but an elixir for those who are well-acquainted with its delicate flavour and health benefits. Sanjeev Kapoor, the pioneering Indian chef, recently posted a breathtaking video of him preparing this rich and flavourful beverage.

Sanjeev Kapoor Shares A Video Of Him Making Kashmiri Kahwa


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Sanjeev Kapoor is nothing less than revolutionary when it comes to the culinary world. This multi-talented chef managed to single-handedly transform the face of Indian cooking and managed to make it more accessible.

Every Indian mother has at least one of his cookbooks. Whether that cookbook has been followed is an entirely different matter. Recently, this iconic chef took to his Instagram account and shared a beautifully shot video of him making a Kashmiri Kahwa.

He captioned the video saying that it is not just a tea but an epic drink filled with richness. And you know what? We can’t say we disagree. He said that by making this elixir in your kitchen, you experience the Kashmiri Vaadiyaan at home.

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Netizens React To The Beautiful Video

Sanjeev Kapoor
Image Credits: @sanjeevkapoor/Instagram

The video showed him boiling a pot of water and infusing it with cinnamon, cardamom, a few strands of saffron and Kahwa tea leaves. He then adds chopped almonds to his teacup and pours the steaming Kahwa over it. Finally, he adds a few more strands of saffron.

Many people flocked to the comment section to admire this warm and soulful drink that the beloved chef has prepared. Many people said that it was one of their favourite beverages as it is extremely refreshing and comforting.

The process that Sanjeev Kapoor has shared is also very simple and easy to follow so even if you haven’t tried this beverage before, you can easily do so. 

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Have you tried this beverage before? Do you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover Image Credits: @sanjeevkapoor/Instagram