Saudi Arabia Has A ‘City Of Fog’ Where The Temperature Is Always Below 30 Degree

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia Has A ‘City Of Fog’ Where The Temperature Is Always Below 30 Degree

Saudi is renowned for its scorching summers. Gulf overall is unbearable due to the desert heat covering the city. Some people are fleeing the sweltering desert warmness in Saudi Arabia by travelling to the City of Fog. It is a mountain sanctuary of cool wherein cosy clothes are required year-round. Take your family and friends to visit Al-Namas when it is lightly raining, and there is a dense, swirling mist overhead. To stay warm, wear a body warmer over.

Al Namas City Of Fog

Around 850 kilometres (530 miles) south-west of the Saudi capital, claims that it is only 20 degrees there and 46 degrees elsewhere, a difference of 26 degrees. Everyone is trying to run from the weather. The temperature is chilly, and there is almost constant rain and fog here.


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It’s an excellent break to visit outdoors without the worry of suffering from sunstroke. And sitting in an air-conditioned enclosed space is also suffocating. This aids as the best spot to visit to escape the heat.

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Foundation Of This City

Even before the turn of the era, researchers predicted that several Gulf cities would be untenable due to global warming. It has grown in popularity at a period when Saudi officials are actively pushing both local and foreign tourism in an effort to find alternative sources of income besides oil.

Al-Namas can avoid the worst of the rising temperatures because of its altitude and powerful winds. Just 3 years since international travellers were first eligible to obtain tourist visas in 2019; the “Visit Saudi” campaign is in full gear. The summer months, from May through October, are the busiest travel times. Wintertime lows in Al-Namas can reach zero degrees.

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