Saudi Arabia Launch ‘Amphibious Ambulance’ To Reach Remote Locations During Peak Of Hajj Pilgrimage

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia Launch ‘Amphibious Ambulance’ To Reach Remote Locations During Peak Of Hajj Pilgrimage

The pilgrim season is at its peak and there are certain reforms everyone should know about. The Hajj Authorities have been trying their best to improve the services provided to pilgrims. Hence to enhance the pilgrim services a new amphibious ambulance has been launched in Saudi Arabia. This unique ambulance helps to travel over rough terrain.

Amphibious Ambulance Will Provide Services To Remote Locations

In order to improve the services provided to pilgrims, an amphibious ambulance that can travel over rough terrain has been revealed in Saudi Arabia during the current Hajj season.

As the first of its sort in the Middle East, the ambulance, Tamiyah, was introduced by the Saudi Red Crescent, according to the Saudi news agency SPA.

The ambulance can travel to remote locations that are unfriendly and difficult for other ambulances to enter, such as swamps and mountainous terrain.

During the Hajj this year, which is being observed by some 2 million Muslims from around the world, the truck serves to carry out rescue and escape tasks as well as to provide ambulatory care at the holy sites.

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The Increasing Crowd Of Pilgrims For Hajj

Tamiyah’s capacity to regulate tyre pressure is one of its advantages that aid in navigating topographical challenges and unpredictable weather.

Two patients, six other people, and the driver can all be transported in the armoured ambulance.

Additionally, it can run continuously for nearly 19 hours in the dark. The advanced vehicle has the name of Jabal Tamiyah. The name has been inspired by a peak between the Al Qassim and Medina districts.

The two holiest sites in Islam are located in Saudi Arabia, which has put all Hajj-related organisations on high alert to ensure the comfort of the vast number of pilgrims. Fixing earlier limits brought on by COVID-19, Saudi Arabia has eased restrictions on the quantity and age of pilgrims for this year’s Hajj.

This year, 172 medical facilities have been set up throughout Saudi Arabia’s sacred sites to accommodate visitors. The facilities can accommodate approximately 6,132 beds in total, including 761 for intensive care and 222 for the treatment of sunstroke.

The advanced vehicle will prove to be a reform for the Pilgrims.

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