Saudi Arabia’s Sheybarah Welcomes Its First Luxury Hotel By Red Sea Global; Set To Launch In 2024

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia’s Sheybarah Welcomes Its First Luxury Hotel By Red Sea Global; Set To Launch In  2024

Red Sea Global (RSG), the innovative force behind transformative travel destinations like The Red Sea and Amaala, proudly introduces its exclusive luxury hotel brand, Shebara, set within The Red Sea locale. This groundbreaking revelation took place at the World Travel Market in London.

Red Sea Global Unveils Shebara: A Luxury Haven

Pic Creds: Press Release

Shebara’s Grand Debut

Scheduled for a grand opening in the summer of 2024, Shebara stands as RSG’s maiden resort within The Red Sea location. Nestled on Sheybarah Island, this resort holds the distinction of being the singular property directly managed by RSG within The Red Sea. Situated in the bustling Al Wajh Lagoon, the resort features distinctive stainless steel orbs and is presently in the process of actively seeking a top-notch operational team in preparation for its launch.

Immersed in Breathtaking Scenery

Nestled on Sheybarah Island, the resort boasts a stunning 30 to 40-meter reef drop-off near its beachfront. With 73 keys, including beach and overwater villas, guests can reach the site via a 45-minute boat ride from the mainland or a swift 20-minute seaplane journey.

Striking Architectural Marvel

As guests approach the resort from the southern side, they are welcomed by stainless steel villas, reminiscent of a luminous string of pearls. At the centre lies a remarkable reception building, forming the resort’s focal point, set within a natural break in the coral reef, offering a captivating view.

Unmatched Luxury and Amenities


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The resort boasts both family and adult-only pools, the latter featuring ‘lily pad’ seating terraces, providing panoramic sunset vistas. Visitors can select from two speciality restaurants and delight in the spa and fitness centre nestled amid the island’s sand dunes.

Exclusive Innovations

For an exclusive experience, the farthest island is available for booking, boasting a dedicated jetty for private yacht mooring. This island retreat encompasses a four-bedroom villa, three one-bedroom villas, a private beach, and a barbecue area.

Nature-Infused Design and Vision

Crafted by Killa Design, the resort’s entire architecture mirrors nature’s beauty. Further, the stainless steel villas mirror the ocean’s hues and the sky’s vivid tones, seamlessly blending into their environment. The overwater orbs create a captivating illusion of levitating pearls above the water.

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Championing Sustainable Tourism

Pic Creds: Press Release

John Pagano, Group CEO of Red Sea Global, stressed their mission to drive significant change in the global tourism industry. Therefore, they have used their pioneering regenerative approach across their array of brands and subsidiary companies. Shaun Killa, Design Director and Founder of Killa Design lauded Shebara as a splendid fusion of beauty and meaningful design.

Swift Progress and Dedication

Also, the development of Shebara proceeds rapidly, with all 38 stainless steel overwater villas now installed. It showcases an optimized installation process that drastically reduces installation time.
Initially, it took nine hours to install the first overwater villa. Further, the developer has since refined the process to have the final villa in position in less than two hours. Currently, 25 beach villas have been installed. Significant headway has been achieved in constructing both the front and back of house structures and related infrastructure

To conclude, the site will encompass high-end marinas, golfing amenities, entertainment, food and beverage services, as well as recreational facilities.

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release

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