In A First, 3 Arab Astronauts Are In The ISS Together, Including The 1st Female Arab Astronaut

Saudi Space Mission
by Anupriya Mishra

The space is full of mysteries, and to solve them or find an answer to all the questions that plague the human mind, astronauts and researchers are constantly working round-the-clock. As a result, there are space missions being sent, wherein researchers and astronauts are working from the International Space Station, conducting researches and setting major milestones for their country and the human kind. Recently, two Saudi astronauts also entered the International Space Station on the kingdom’s maiden space mission. Not to mention, Saudi Arabia also made history as it sent the first female Arab astronaut into the space. Here is all about this landmark moment.

Rayyanah Barnawi Makes History With Saudi Space Mission

As the astronauts, Rayyanah Barnawi and Saudi Ali Al-Qarni entered the International Space Station on Monday evening, they created history. Rayyanah created history by becoming the first female Arab astronaut to step into the ISS. They were accompanied by commander Peggy Whitson and pilot John Shoffner on the mission of Axiom Mission 2. As it happens, their SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft docked at the ISS at around 5:12 PM (UAE time). It’s worth mentioning that this is the second mission with an entirely private crew to arrive at the orbiting space laboratory. These four astronauts travelled for 16 hours to reach the destination to spend eight days.

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3 Arabs In Space For The First Time!

As they arrived at the space station, they were greeted by UAE-based astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi, who was seen taking pictures of the incoming crew and gave them some water and day. Not to mention, this was another historic moment in the Arab history as it was for the first time that three Arab astronauts got together in the International Space Station. During their stay, this crew will conduct more than 20 science and technology experiments in the areas of human physiology, STEAM, and physical sciences. As a result, this will help them expand their knowledge that will benefit life on earth in a number of areas, such as materials, technology, development, and even healthcare.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/saudispace