Savera Cafe In Bengaluru Has Created A Version Of ‘Zafrani Chai’ And You Need To Try It

by Jeelani Shareif
Savera Cafe In Bengaluru Has Created A Version Of ‘Zafrani Chai’ And You Need To Try It

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The iconic Savera Cafe serves this special brew called ‘Zafrani Chai’ that has been the city’s favourite drink forever.

What Is It?

It’s not just chai, it’s ‘the chai’ for most of the Bengalureans. The cafe has created their own kick-ass version of Zafrani Chai that has been a hit with the locals.

This chai is a simple decoction of tea infused with saffron and secret ingredients, but this place makes it so delectable and fragrant. You can sense saffron’s fragrance in every sip with a dash of mint and sugar. This place has always maintained simple, interesting and no-fuss logic, just like their Saffron or Zafrani Chai. Slurrrppp, siiippp or just gulpp the fragrant liquid down, and enjoy true local way of drinking a cuppa. The Zafrani Chai is just ₹10, and this should make you go here.

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Savera Cafe

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Whats In It?

Savera Cafe is the oldest on the block, it’s located in the busiest streets of Shivajinagar. This place has all the who’s who of the city gracing their shop since the time they have opened. Savera is your typical tea shop with snacks on display, and hot piping chai being served endlessly. If you see a large crowd scattered in groups with tea glasses in their hands then you know you are at the right street. Evenings are packed and this session goes on till the wee hours, with families coming over for their night drinks, be it lassi, regular chai and snacks.

What Else?

Savera is famous not just for chais, their samosas are the talk of the town. Onion Samosas or Kheema Samosas, a casual snack that is available anytime of the day with regular chai. These are made in lakhs during Ramzan. They are known for their distinct taste and covering that’s the crunchiest in the city filled with delicious onion masala or kheema that packs a punch when had with their famous chai’s. Next would be the uber famous Sulemani Chai the brew is made of a mix of mild black tea infused with mint leaves and lemon drops. Mind you, if you ain’t slurrrppping here, then you ain’t slurrrppping the best either.

Savera Cafe
Sulemani Chai at Savera Cafe

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Address: Savera Cafe, 23, HK Road, Broadway, Shivajinagar
Phone: +91 8861994660
Approx Cost: ₹ 50 for 2 people, Zafrani Chai costs ₹10

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