Scoot Has Given A New Face To Networking In New Delhi With House Parties

by Akriti Seth
Scoot Has Given A New Face To Networking In New Delhi With House Parties

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Expand your social circle and meet strangers. Oh! Not at a bar but at a house party! Scoot organises house parties for your crazy to meet fellow crazy-s!

What Is It?

Scoot is the Airbnb for networking events and house parties based out of New Delhi with an idea to unstranger yourself. Sounds weird, right? Well! Not weird at all, they intend to bring you an incredible night filled with stories, laughter, music, dance and networking! It’s not only about meeting people but knowing them as well.

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Scoot New Delhi - Curly Tales

With their house parties, because hey! who doesn’t like house parties?

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What’s In It?

The entire idea is to meet people in real life. Scoot invites people who are daring enough to go on a party with strangers through their social media platform where you sign up. With an entry fee of ₹300-₹700 from a 7PM-3AM party scene.

Once they have 10-20 sign ups, they search for a host with a house to offer and the evening is planned out with the host. It’s really good for newbies in the city to make new friends. Scoot is certainly a facilitator in creating a community that brings together a lot of like-minded people.

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They’ve hosted pyjama movie nights, karaoke evenings, neon superhero nights, wine and salsa, BYOB and spooky night etc.

PS: The house guests are free to get whatever they feel like (food and drinks only) to keep the night going, though food and drinks are available at the venue but in limited quantity.

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Where: New Delhi
Contact: Scoot FB Page
How Much: ₹300-₹1000 (Depending on the event)

Unstranger yourself and expand your social circle! You never know where and when you find your soulmate!

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