Secret Desert Cafe – 2 December Cafeteria In The UAE

by Jui Nikita
Secret Desert Cafe – 2 December Cafeteria In The UAE

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Dubai now has a secret cafe in the middle of the desert & it is probably the most hidden gem we’ve found so far.

What Is It?

2 December Cafeteria is a secluded tiny cafe located over the Sharjah border, with literally nothing except the desert in sight as the nearest buildings are miles away. The cafe is open for just three hours a day, from 9 am until noon, and was mainly set up for all the desert adventurers.

credits: Google maps

The remote desert café can be accessed from a turn-off on the Umm Al Quiwan to Al Shuwaib Road (E55), with the drive taking an hour from Dubai Marina. A number of UAE flags proudly stand around the hut.

What Else?

2 December Cafeteria offers a basic selection of favorites including karak tea, chocolate and sandwiches as well as free air to re-inflate tires. There is a small outdoor area where visitors can sit & admire the surrounding dunes.


Location: 2 December Cafeteria, off Umm Al Quiwain – Al Shuwaib Road, Sharjah desert
Opening Hours: Open daily 9 am – noon
Contact: 050 968 9997