Here’s How To Choose The Best Jungle Safari In Madhya Pradesh

by Kamiya Jani
Here’s How To Choose The Best Jungle Safari In Madhya Pradesh

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Welcome to the land of tigers and natural beauty. While there are plenty of options out there, here’s something to make your life simpler!


Are you tired of your fast paced life, your old desk, your overloaded computer and stressful boardroom meetings? Well, its time to switch off and get back to the basics. This is where it all started, this is where we all come from. It’s time to take you away from the concrete jungle to the real jungle. I am often asked which jungle in Madhya Pradesh is worth your visit – Kanha, Pench, Tadoba or Bandhavgarh? Here are all your questions ANSWERED!


PS: If jungles are not your thing, do try out the gorgeous hill stations of Madhya Pradesh. Check out 10 Places In India For You To Explore This May.

Pench, Madhya Pradesh
Pench, Madhya Pradesh

The Accessibility

More often than not, most tourists do the mistake of flying into Nagpur to get to the jungles.  While Pench and Tadoba are the only two jungles closer to this airport with a distance of two hours, Jabalpur is the closest one from Bandhavgarh (3 hours) and Raipur is the most convenient one from Kanha (3.5 hours). Yes, Nagpur being a hub is a busy airport but the driving distance to Kanha or Bandhavgarh from here is about 6-8 hours.

Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

The  Wildlife

Popularly known for its population of wild cats, summer is the best time to spot the rare species in Madhya Pradesh. Spotting the wild animals is a matter of timing and destiny. Pench ranks the lowest when it comes to Tiger sighting. I took three safaris here only to be disappointed. Although the deers, monkeys, wild dogs and boars did say a hello, I only got a small glimpse of the majestic cheetah.

Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Chances of getting lucky at Bandhavgarh and Kanha are a lot higher. The dense forests will give you plenty of sightings. I spent 30 minutes watching the Tiger cool off in a water body while he was oblivious to my presence in Kanha. At Bandhavgarh, a Tiger crossed the street right in front of my jeep while I was spellbound by his beauty.

Tiger spotted at Kanha

The Accommodation

If you think going for a jungle safari means living in a tent while the mosquitoes bite you, you are highly mistaken! One of the big markets for luxury hotels in India are the Tiger Reserves. Two of the best hotels in Pench are Taj Baghvan and Tuli. I have stayed at Pench Jungle Camp which I thought was just about okay.

Banjaar Tola
Banjaar Tola, Kanha

Go to Kanha and you have to stay at Banjaar Tola. Situated on the banks of Banjaar river, this place has opulent tents overlooking lush forests and grassy meadows of Kanha National Park. Though nothing meets opulence quotient that Bandhavgarh has to offer – Treehouse  Hideaway, Syna Tiger Resort are my favourite luxury lodges in Bandhavgarh.

Syna Tiger Reserve, Bandhavgarh
Syna Tiger Reserve, Bandhavgarh

There is also Mahua Kothi, sprawling over 40 acres, which offers jungle village huts that are built in the typical style of Central India.

Taj’s Mahua Kothi, Bandhavgarh

Unique Dining Experiences

Highly recommend Taj Safaris if you are looking for unique dining experiences. Be it having an early morning breakfast on a game trail or a private dining experience in the midst of a jungle.

Unique Dining Experience, Taj Safaris

Team Taj does a fabulous job of doing a set up that is sure to live with you for a long time. All Taj Safari properties have almost the same experiences but the locations are sure to surprise you!

#WATCH: Sneak peak into Kanha & Bandhavgarh

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