Sell Books In This Dreamy Maldives Island And Earn ₹59,000 Monthly Along With Free Food And Stay

by Sanmita A
Sell Books In This Dreamy Maldives Island And Earn ₹59,000 Monthly Along With Free Food And Stay

Nothing is greater than the love of books and beautiful Maldives views! This is an opportunity for true book lovers to enjoy a job that pays well in cash and gives you equal peace of mind. A luxury resort in the Kunfunadhoo Island of Maldives is hiring booksellers who can run book stores on the scenic island. The bookseller post is for a year contract and shall need the job seeker to sell books on the desert island.

Sell Books In This Dreamy Maldives Island Resort

The resort, Soneva Fushi is accepting applications for the position of ‘Barefoot Bookseller’. As per the job recruiter, they are seeking a person who loves books and shares a passion for reading books as all readers do. They also seek a person who is creative, outgoing, adventurous and has no issues in spending the entire day ‘barefoot’. No one on the island wears shoes, hence the bookselling has to be done barefoot! Additional job responsibilities of the bookseller would include accounting and stock management, apart from running the store and selling the books.

Take a look at the post by Soneva Fushi here –

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Free Food & Stay For The Bookseller

At Soneva Fushi, if you manage to get recruited for the position of the barefoot bookseller, you will also enjoy free food and lodging during your entire stay on the island. The work permit and travel charges will be covered by the resort itself. And, additionally, the new recruit will get to move to the Maldives in October this year. Yes, that’s how lucky the individual gets with this offbeat and adventurous job.

Wish to apply here? Head to the link here –

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