Sharma Ji Ki Chai at Hazratganj Is The Oldest & Most Famous Tea Stall Of Lucknow


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    Famous for its chai, Sharma Ji Ki Chai in Lucknow is 50 years old and has only 6 items to offer. 

    What Is It?

    Sharma Ji Ki Chai in Hazratganj is  flocked by hundreds in the morning & evening hours. Even though the stall is 50 years old, it only serves 6 items so far! Its Kulhad chai, bun maska and round samosas have had many coming back. The store is now being run by the third generation and there are expansion plans in the making. 

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    We love the Bun Maska (₹20), it is sweet bun along with a salted butter. We love Round Samosas(₹20), regular samosa stuffed with potato masala made in a round shape. 

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    Address: Sharma Ji Ki Chai, 34,Trilok Nath Road,Lalbagh,Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001
    Phone: 098072 57786
    Approx cost: ₹50 for two people

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    Kritika Kukreja
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