Shashi Tharoor Takes Dig On GST Hike With This Hilarious Paneer Butter Masala Message

by Sanmita A
Shashi Tharoor Takes Dig On GST Hike With This Hilarious Paneer Butter Masala Message

Social media platforms get flooded with jokes and memes after any major development that take place. Such was the case after the Centre announced GST taxes to be levied on packaged foods like curd, butter, masala and even, paneer. From what it seems, the internet was truly shocked by the GST charges and thus, memes flowed in! Twitter users expressed their sincere concern over the surge in prices of food items and the new GST ruling. A few Twitter users feared how it will affect their consumption of ‘paneer butter masala.’

Shashi Tharoor Joins Twitter Conversation Over Paneer Butter Masala

When the entire internet is obsessing over the GST taxes on paneer butter masala, Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor joined the Twitter users in comprehending the GST charges on paneer butter masala. In a tweet, Shashi Tharoor spoke about a WhatsApp message he received on paneer butter masala. He even shared the image, saying, ‘I don’t know who comes up with these brilliant WhatsAPP forwards but this one skewers the folly of the GST as few jokes have!’

The meme has surely tickled his funny bone. Take a look at what Shashi Tharoor had to say!

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#PaneerButterMasala, Political Views & The Hilarious Memes

Shashi Tharoor is known for his takes on political issues. We love how he subtly expresses himself with a dash of humour. And same was the case here, Shashi Tharoor subtly put forward his view on the GST charges and people’s take on it. Apart from this, paneer butter masala has become a trending topic with tons of memes to enjoy on the internet. Congress also criticized the Centre’s decision on GST saying, why must the poorer section of consumers be devoid of buying packaged foods.

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