Sheikh Zayed Festival: All You Need To Know About The Vibrant & Unique 120-Day-Long UAE Festival

by Deeplata Garde
Sheikh Zayed Festival: All You Need To Know About The Vibrant & Unique 120-Day-Long UAE Festival

UAE never leaves a stone unturned to spread its cultural heritage across the country. Sheikh Zayed Festival is a big proof of that. The Festival gives all attendees the chance to learn about Emirati civilisation and culture. A family- entertainment, this festival expects thousands of people every year. Sheikh Zayed Festival 2022-2023 commences on Nov 18, 2022, in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi. Are excited to be a part of this 120-day-long celebration?

The New Edition Will Be A 120-Day Event

The Sheikh Zayed Festival will take you on a magnificent journey filled with exciting activities, delightful events, unique shows, and competitive events. You might observe the blend of these events with a number of cornerstone festivities which will create some priceless memories. It is distinguished by widespread international involvement all through the Festival grounds. The goal is to propagate the UAE’s humanitarian message throughout the entire world. The festival offers the ideal environment for civilised interaction and cross-cultural exchange in a family-friendly setting.

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The Sheikh Zayed Festival Will Host Over 4000+ Events

The list of events at the festival includes Union Parade, National Day festivities, New Year’s festivities, as well as the Global Parade, Al Wathba Custom Show, and other activities.

Let’s dive a little deeper to know the events, attractions and competitions that would take place in the Sheikh Zayed Festival 2022-2023.

A. Events & Shows

Sheikh Zayed Festival
Pic Creds: ZayedFestival
  1. Emirates Fountain
  2. National Day Celebrations
  3. Weekly Fireworks
  4. International Shows At Culutrual Pavillions
  5. News Years Celebration
  6. Year Of 50 Zone

B. Attractions

Sheikh Zayed Festival
Pic Creds: Zayed Festival
  1. Glow Garden
  2. House Of Fear
  3. Funfair City
  4. Al Forsan International Sports Resort
  5. Miracle Garden
  6. Al Wathba Custom Show
  7. Ice Skating Rink
  8. Arabian Horse Shows
  9. Crazy Car
  10. Drone Shows
  11. Extreme Weekends

The list of events is so long! You surely don’t wish to miss the festival preaching how to enjoy culture and entertainment together.

Where: Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi

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