Shocking Video Of Man Riding His Scooter On Air Goes Viral

by Shreya Ghosh
Shocking Video Of Man Riding His Scooter On Air Goes Viral

Social media platforms are the perfect places to get to know about all things happening around us all the time. And when it comes to weird incidents taking place anywhere, someone or the other makes sure to capture that video and upload it on the internet. And, in just no time it gets viral. To be honest, most of us enjoy watching such fun videos, and something similar happened sometime back in Nagpur. People of Nagpur saw a man riding his scooter on air and posted a video on it on Instagram.

A Man Rides On His Scooter On Air in Nagpur Market

It was just like any other day in Sadar Bazaar, Nagpur and people were busy with their own work. All of a sudden they noticed something in the air and gathered there to see what actually is happening. The video shows a tow truck towing a scooter at a no-parking zone near Anjuman Complex. The fun part of the video is the man sitting on the vehicle in the air without any fear of falling down. He sits on the two-wheeler quite relaxingly and asks the driver of the tow truck to put the scooter down. People gathered there to see how the man sits comfortably on the two-wheeler and ask the driver to not tow his scooter. He was indeed very firm about not leaving his scooter and getting down on the ground. 

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The Fun Video Went Viral On Instagram

An Instagram page named Hum Nagpurkar ‘@humnagpurkar’ captured this entertaining moment and uploaded the video. This page is popular for uploading everything related to Nagpur. The video was uploaded a month back in July and currently, it has over 2.8 million views, more than 84K likes, and comments exceeding 400.

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People standing near the incident laughed hysterically while watching the man on the scooter towing in the air. The reactions to this video are quite funny as well. Netizens are loving the video and leaving creative comments under it and you will have a fun time checking out the comment section.