Foodies Fire Domino’s After Pic Of Mop And Toilet Brush Hanging Over Pizza Dough Go Viral

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 229

Every time one talks about pizza, Domino’s tends to pop into your mind. But these days this multinational pizza restaurant chain is facing criticisms from all its customers after a picture went viral. The picture showed a mop and a toilet brush hanging over and almost touching pizza dough. The picture which was tweeted by a Twitter user has led to customers questioning the hygiene standards of the pizza restaurant chain. 

 Food Safety Standards Of Domino’s Being Questioned

A twitter user, Sahil Karnany posted a picture and video from Bangalore’s Domino’s outlet which has led the customers to question the safety standards of the brand. The picture showed a mop and a toilet brush hanging right above the pizza dough almost touching it which was soon to be converted into a pizza. The IT graduate posted the picture which he took from the Hosa Road outlet of Domino’s in Bangalore city. He tagged Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, Ministry of Health, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar. He mentioned the location and captioned the picture sarcastically. 

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Domino’s Assured Thorough Investigation

The picture went viral in absolutely no time and many were also reposting the same. Looking at the situation, Dominos care tweeted about how they adhere to world class protocols that ensure high safety and hygiene standards. It also informed that the violence of these operating standards are not tolerated and the matter will be thoroughly investigated. The findings of the investigation will determine the actions to be taken. It is about how they have always been committed to their safety standards and the well being of the customers. 

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