Shocking Video Of UP Vendor Urinating On Veggies Before Selling Irks Netizens

by Vinita Jain 340

Heinous acts such as spitting and urinating on food continue to take place even after several complaints. A similar incident has come up where a vegetable vendor was found urinating on vegetables before selling them. A vendor identified as Sharif Khan from Bareilly, UP is in police custody for the same.

A young man named Durgesh Gupta recorded the incident sitting in his car. The defendant’s video is going viral on social media. Allegedly, Durgesh confronted Sharif Khan about his actions. In reply, he started misbehaving with Durgesh.

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Man Gets Arrested After His Video Of Urinating On Vegetables Goes Viral

Soon after the incident, many people gathered near the vendor. Later, police from Prem Nagar Police Station were notified. The police arrived at the scene, took Sharif to the Prem Nagar Police Station and questioned him. A complaint was filed against him for disturbing the community atmosphere and spreading infection.

Priti Gandhi, the BJP leader shared the video on her Twitter handle. The video has exasperated the netizens. Check out some of the reactions the video received.

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Earlier, a UK man had received urine in a bottle with food ordered online.

Cover image courtesy: PritiGandhiTwitter