Singapore Launches New Beer Made Of Sewage Water & Urine; Internet Is Shocked

by Sanjana Shenoy
Singapore Launches New Beer Made Of Sewage Water & Urine; Internet Is Shocked

Beer lovers! Singapore has launched a new beer and it’s unlike anything you’d ever have imagined. It’s an eco-friendly beer that’s prepared by recycling water. No, we aren’t kidding. Advertised as the ‘greenest beer ever’, NEWBrew is made from recycled sewage water and urine. Read on to know more about the shocking new beer in town.

Singapore’s NEWBrew Made Of Recycled Sewage Water

In a bid to give alcoholic beverages an eco-friendly spin, Singapore launched NEWBrew. This beer brand prepares its drinks using liquid recycled from sewage that’s filtered and pumped into Singapore’s water supply. Before you can wonder about the smell and taste of this beer, don’t worry, you wouldn’t even know what it’s made of unless someone told you. Before the water is transformed into NEWBrew it goes through a series of stringent tests and filtration processes. The sewage is treated to be ultra-clean.

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Beer Launched To Tackle Singapore’s Water Crisis

A BBC report reveals that NEWBrew advertised as the “greenest beer” is prepared to tackle Singapore’s growing water crisis. To prepare beer, a lot of water is needed. Precisely, 90 per cent of beer is water. So you can imagine the amount of water used to prepare beer across the world. This drink was launched by Singapore to create awareness of the country’s growing water crisis.