India To Singapore Travel: Know The Latest Guidelines

by Sanjana Shenoy
India To Singapore Travel: Know The Latest Guidelines

If you wish to fly from India to Singapore, then we have splendid news for you. Fully vaccinated travellers from India can now enter Singapore without mandatory quarantine from March 16. This applies not just to travellers from India but also those from Bali in Indonesia and Malaysia’s Penang as well. Read on to know all the deets.

Vaccinated Indian Travellers Can Visit Singapore Without Quarantine

A statement released by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) stated that Singapore shall deepen air links with countries like India, Indonesia and Malaysia. This will be done to offer greater convenience and choice for both business travellers and tourists arriving in Singapore from these countries. The Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) for India will extend beyond major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, to other cities across India as well.

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Singapore To Start Vaccinated Travel Lanes With Vietnam

When it comes to Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore shall start VTLS beyond Kuala Lumpur. So passengers from Penang can travel to Singapore with four daily flights starting soon. from March 16, VTLS in Indonesia will extend beyond Jakarta to include Bali-Denpasar. There will be two daily flights between Bali-Denpasar and Singapore. Moreover, Singapore will also be starting VTL from Vietnam, launching two-way quarantine free travel. This will be implemented as Singaporeans prefer visiting the popular destination of Vietnam.