Shyam Rasoi In Delhi Serves Thalis At Just ₹1 To Over 1000 People A Day

Shyam Rasoi Delhi Thalis ₹1
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 2490

What can we buy at just ₹1 nowadays? Not even a simple biscuit at the tea store! But what if we say that there’s a food joint in Delhi that is offering an entire thali at ₹1? Yes, you heard that right. Nangloi’s Shyam Rasoi in Bhooto Wali Gali serves wholesome thalis at only ₹1 from 11 AM to 1 PM daily. It receives around 2000 customers every day. The folks also provide parcels via three rickshaws to nearby areas like Sai Mandir and Inderlok. Meanwhile, Paharganj has some historic breakfast places that offer breakfasts under ₹100 per person.

Soya Pulao, Rice, Roti, Halwa And More At Just ₹1

Roti, rice, soya pulao, paneer, halwa and more- you can have all these preparations in a ‘₹1 platter’ at Shyam Rasoi in Nangloi. The menu changes every day. Initially, the cost of the thali was ₹10. Now, they have reduced the price per thali to ₹1 to get more customers. Parvin Kumar Goyal, who is 51 years old, had started the rasoi around a couple of months back. He has six helpers whom he pays ₹300 to ₹400 according to the profits. College students and locals also come to help Goyal with the business. Also, Baba ka Dhaba in Malviya Nagar welcomed long queues of visitors after the elderly couple’s heartbreaking video went viral.

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The Rasoi Gets Donations From People

According to the Hindustan Times report, Goyal said,  “We get donations from people. Yesterday an old lady came and offered us ration, another day somebody gave us wheat, and thus we are running it for the last two months. People do help us via digital payment mode also. We have the capacity to run for seven more days. Also, I request all to help us with ration and continue this service.” Apart from lunch, the rasoi serves morning tea as well at ₹1.

Shyam Rasoi Delhi Thalis ₹1

Picture Credits: ANI

Donations Accepted In Only Non-Monetary Forms

Businessman Ranjeet Singh had offered the area to Goyal for starting the rasoi. Reportedly, the area was lying empty after the closure of the NGT factory. So Singh provided the vacant space to Goyal. Singh said that the rasoi doesn’t take cash from anybody, even digitally. They accept all donations in non-monetary forms. There is also a floor seating arrangement inside the rasoi to help people eat properly. The rasoi has been offering food with good taste, and it not only serves the poor but the financially well-doing Delhiites too.

Shyam Rasoi Delhi Thalis ₹1

Picture Credits: ANI

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Just like Baba ka Dhaba, Shyam Rasoi is another hidden gem in Delhi to offer delicious home-style food without harming our pockets. On that note, here’s the journey of Delhi’s famous Netflix Chaat Wala:

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