Sibling Retreat! 7 Luxurious Staycation Spots For An Epic Bhai Dooj Celebration

by Mallika Khurana
Sibling Retreat! 7 Luxurious Staycation Spots For An Epic Bhai Dooj Celebration

Embarking on a journey to celebrate the timeless bond of siblings deserves nothing short of an extraordinary setting. Picture this: lush landscapes, luxurious villas, and enchanting escapes that beckon you to create unforgettable moments with your brothers and sisters. As Bhai Dooj, the festival that venerates the unique connection between siblings, approaches, we’ve curated a list of staycation gems that go beyond the ordinary. Welcome to a celebration of siblings like never before, where every location is a testament to the enduring magic of family ties.

Best Places For A Staycation With Your Siblings For Bhai Dooj

1. Gardenia, Alibaug


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Celebrate the special bond between siblings at SaffronStays Gardenia in Alibaug for Bhai Dooj. The pet-friendly pool villa, just 1.5 hours away from Mumbai, provides a serene escape with its six magnificent bedrooms and lush surroundings. Picture a Bhai Dooj ceremony by the garden-facing infinity pool, surrounded by the warm glow of barbecue and bonfire arrangements. The hand-crafted menu, featuring local and international delicacies, becomes a shared experience, making this villa an ideal spot for heartfelt celebrations and strengthening the sibling bond against the beautiful backdrop of Alibaug.

Where: Kamath Rd, Kihim, Maharashtra
Check-in time: after 1 pm
Cost: Starting ₹47,994/night

2. Shalom, Bhimtal


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Bhai Dooj finds a tranquil setting at Shalom in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand. The breathtaking view of the valley and the pearl-shaped lake becomes a stunning backdrop for sibling celebrations. The 3-bedroom property, equipped with modern amenities, provides a comfortable space for intimate Bhai Dooj ceremonies. Picture siblings sharing laughter on the beautiful balcony, surrounded by the serene beauty of Bhimtal. Shalom offers a perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and natural beauty, making Bhai Dooj a truly special and rejuvenating experience for siblings.

Where: Bhimtal, Uttarakhand
Check-in time: after 1 pm
Cost: Starting ₹11,500/night

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3. Ivory Mansion, Pen


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Elevate your Bhai Dooj celebration at SaffronStays Ivory Mansion in Pen. This 4-bedroom pet-friendly mansion, situated on a 10-acre estate, becomes a haven for sibling connections. Imagine exchanging tokens of love in the elegant bedrooms with attached balconies, each offering views of the undulating landscape. The outdoor amphitheatre and beautiful fruit orchard provide intimate spaces for Bhai Dooj ceremonies, creating lasting memories in a setting inspired by early European architecture. Ivory Mansion promises not just a stay but an immersive experience for siblings to cherish.

Where: Pen, Maharashtra
Check-in time: after 1 pm
Cost: Starting ₹28,000/night

4. Serendipity Cottage, Goa

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Embrace the spirit of Bhai Dooj in the boho-chic setting of Serendipity Cottage in Goa. The rustic cottage, surrounded by an organic kitchen garden, becomes a haven for siblings seeking a slower pace of life. Picture the exchange of Bhai Dooj wishes amidst diyas and fairy lights, with the serene sounds of nature as the backdrop. Serendipity Cottage invites siblings to explore Goa’s unique food scene together, creating a celebration that goes beyond the ordinary and fosters a deeper connection.

Where: Calangute, India
Check-in time: after 2 pm
Cost: Starting ₹4793/night

5. SATORI, Mulshi


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Nestled along Mulshi Lake, SaffronStays SATORI offers a unique setting for a memorable Bhai Dooj celebration. The boutique homestay, with its three architectural marvels, accommodates a family of up to 20 guests, providing a perfect backdrop for sibling bonding. Whether choosing 2-bedroom villas with picturesque views or 1-bedroom cottages, communal areas like the swimming pool and The Nest become spaces to strengthen the sibling connection. SATORI, with its blend of luxury and natural beauty, sets the stage for a grand Bhai Dooj celebration away from the hustle and bustle.

Where: Mulshi, Maharashtra
Check-in time: after 1 pm
Cost: Starting ₹16,520/night

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6. Aman Home Stay, Jaipur

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Experience the heartwarming festivities of Bhai Dooj in the Pink City at Jeet’s Aman Home Stay. The quaint property in Jaipur, with its beautiful balcony overlooking a park, becomes a symbolic space for siblings to share the joy of the occasion. The spacious, air-conditioned bedrooms provide comfort for intimate celebrations, and the city drive during Diwali illuminations adds a special touch. Jeet’s motto of guests leaving as friends resonates with the inclusive spirit of Bhai Dooj, making it a celebration where siblings forge stronger bonds.

Where: Jaipur, India
Check-in time: after 1 pm
Cost: Starting ₹2500/night

7. The Dreamsville, Dharampur


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Reconnect with your siblings in the heart of nature at The Dreamsville in Dharampur for Bhai Dooj. The classy 2-bedroom space with its wooden fixtures and wide balcony becomes a canvas for heartfelt celebrations. As you sit outside, embracing the marvellous beauty of the hills, the unique charm of The Dreamsville adds a special touch to the occasion. Bhai Dooj at The Dreamsville is an opportunity to create lasting memories in the lap of nature, cherishing the warmth of sibling relationships.

Where: Dharampur, India
Check-in time: after 2 pm
Cost: Starting ₹5999/night

Choose the one staycation spot that suits your preferences and celebrate Bhai Dooj in a memorable and serene setting!

Cover Image Courtesy: SaffronStays/Website

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