Sikkim Flood: Parts Of National Highway 10 Have Been Washed Away; Locals & Tourists In Distress

by Shreya Ghosh
Sikkim Flood: Parts Of National Highway 10 Have Been Washed Away; Locals & Tourists In Distress

The departure of monsoon season is showing its worst side to Sikkim. It has been raining heavily continuously with tremendous damage to people’s lives and surroundings. It is a scary time for locals and tourists in the hilly destination. The triggering flash floods, a cloudburst over Lhonak Lake, and intense overflow of the Teesta River have made it difficult for people to live peacefully in the state.

National Highway 10 Has Been Damaged Terribly In Sikkim

JagathKrishna Yadav 🇮🇳 (@JagathKrishnaIN) shared a video showing the present situation of Mangan to Chungthang Highway. This is located near Richu Khola near the Pakyong Subdivision.

National Highway 10 is a significant road connection within Sikkim and with other nearby places as well. Parts of this crucial highway have been swept away near Swetjhora because of the sudden cloudburst and frightening flash floods.

The sudden disastrous incident on the highway disrupted everyone’s travel plans on that road, according to a report by the Hindustan Times. Many people travelling there had to stop en route. The NH 10 plays a pivotal role in connecting Sikkim with West Bengal.

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The sweeping away of a major part of the road turned out to be life-threatening and chaotic. The flash floods left a major impact in some of the northern parts of West Bengal as well.

Here’s a video of the damages shared by Weatherman Shubham (@shubhamtorres09).

Sandeep Manudhane (@sandeep_PT) shared some interesting insights.

A Foot Bridge Collapsed Recently

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Ram Tyagi Hindu (@RamTyagiHindu) shared some videos of the scenarios in Sikkim.

The horrific flash floods and Teesta River overflow caused unimaginable destruction to infrastructure in the state. Indreni Bridge in Singtam broke down and completely washed away. Not just the collapse, but 23 army personnel also went missing in the sudden flood.

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Pictures and videos of the terrifying and disastrous situations are circulating and going viral on social media platforms. These really make all the Netizens disappointed and tense. If the videos of such major destructions look so scary, we can only imagine what kind of obstacles people are facing in Sikkim right now.

Here are some more videos making rounds on social media shared by 🇮🇳 Resham Sharma 🇮🇳 (@VKEY05).

It is a petrifying time for Sikkim!

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ 🇮🇳 Resham Sharma 🇮🇳 (@VKEY05)