With Heavy Rainfall In Mumbai, Heat Waves In Greece, High Wind In NZ, Are These El Nino’s Effect?

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
With Heavy Rainfall In Mumbai, Heat Waves In Greece, High Wind In NZ, Are These El Nino’s Effect?

Climate change is real, and people across the globe have been experiencing this fact in some way or another. While India’s Mumbai city witnessed heavy rainfall, Greece recorded the longest heat wave this summer, and now high wind is expected in New Zealand. The arrival of the El Nino weather pattern was confirmed on Friday by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

Are These El Nino’s Effect?

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Over the next three months, the institute forecasts that this will result in strong winds, significant temperature swings, and unpredictable rains. On both of New Zealand’s major islands, the eastern parts are predicted to experience warmer temperatures due to El Nino.

Mumbai officials predicted a rain shortfall because they were concerned about El Nino, a climate phenomenon that indicates abnormal warming of the Pacific Ocean. Contrary to predictions, the weather systems coordinated in such a way that Mumbai not only received a significant amount of rain but also more than its usual amount over the preceding four months.

Senior authorities with the national weather institute said that Greece’s heatwave was the longest in the nation’s history. It is also said to be El Nino’s effect!  (As per India Today)

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What Is It? What Are The Effects?

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Ocean temperatures rise as a result of the El Nino natural phenomenon, especially in some parts of the Pacific Ocean. It is the name given to a recurrent phenomenon that occurs along Peru’s coast. This modification temporarily takes the place of the chilly current that normally flows along Peru’s coast.


  • The increase in sea surface temperatures is a result of El Nino.
  • Additionally, it weakens the area’s trade winds.
  • It may cause drought conditions in Australia and India. Largely impacted by this is crop productivity. Additionally, it has occasionally been noted that EL Nino may result in excessive rainfall rather than dryness. It causes significant harm in both situations.
  • But in certain other nations, it can lead to a full reversal, like in Mumbai! (As per Byju)

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