Viral Video Shows The Correct Way To Slice Pizza Using This Life Tool; Netizens Say, “Wow, Who Knew.”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Viral Video Shows The Correct Way To Slice Pizza Using This Life Tool; Netizens Say, “Wow, Who Knew.”

We all have tried our level best to not pull off cheese from another slice of pizza while picking out a slice for ourselves. 99% of the time, it happens that we pull off cheese and toppings from the slices besides the ones we pick. What to do? Well, a video on the internet has blown people’s minds as it shows us the correct and neat way to slice out pizza using this super amazing life tool! Check it out! 

Viral Video Shows The Correct Way To Slice Pizza


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While many of us are struggling to slice our pizza a bit neatly, a person from a viral video on the internet does it effortlessly. A video on the internet is going viral as it shows a man actually using this very known tool and slices pizza neatly! Well, we have all actually seen this tool but never knew the reason behind its existence. 

The video posted by @rowheimfarooqui, a Dallas-based content creator, shows him pulling the perfect slices. He could easily do that with the help of the small plastic pizza saver. 

Yes, that little pizza saver, which was designed to save the toppings and cheese from sticking to the cardboard, is the life tool here. 

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Lifesaver For Many

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The video by Dallas creator Rowheim Farooqui shows this never-thought-of use of this tool. He said that he was taught this by a Domino’s employee. 

He places the tool on either side of the pizza slice he wants to eat and effortlessly picks it up. The video actually looks like a lifesaver for people who have been pulling out uneven slices! 

The video has by far received over 719,112 likes on Instagram. It has received more than 23.5 million views as well. Netizens were completely shocked to learn of this amazing hack! The video showed a text asking people how old they were when they learned of this hack. Many people commented “Today years old!”. One comment read, “Wow, who knew” summarising everyone’s reaction. 

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