Video Of Ahmedabad’s Dry Fruit Pizza Goes Viral; Netizens Call It A Horror Movie

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Video Of Ahmedabad’s Dry Fruit Pizza Goes Viral; Netizens Call It A Horror Movie

Foodies are a lot traumatised by various innovations and combinations that come up their way on the internet or on the streets. But every time they look at a food trend and think this is the limit, another more crazy combination walks in. Well, let us introduce you to this dry fruit pizza from Ahmedabad. Yes, you read that right, and netizens are rightly calling it a horror show. Take a look!

Dry Fruit Pizza Goes Viral

I am sure you have seen a variety of pizza served on the street or in cafes and restaurants. From pineapple pizza to watermelon pizza to chocolate pizza, the poor dish has seen some of the most crazy and unimaginable toppings. 

Well, adding to this list is now dry fruit pizza. A vendor in Ahmedabad sells dry fruit pizza with lots of cheese on top. This pizza came into the limelight after @MFuturewala posted a video of the same from Manek Chowk, and it went viral for obvious reasons. 

In the video, you can see that the vendor takes a small pizza base and spreads pizza sauce over the base. Normal! Then he sprinkles dry fruits over it, which include raisins and cashews.

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Disgust And Disappointment

The vendor then places the pizza in the oven and, after some time, takes it out. He serves this by grating a lot of cheese on top and again sprinkling some pieces of dry fruit over it. 

The dry fruit pizza video posted by @MFuturewala went viral in no time and has by far garnered 46.8K views on X (formerly known as Twitter). 

Netizens, of course, could not hold back their emotions and showered all their feelings in the comments section. Some used gifs to express disgust and disappointment, while many used humorous sentences and one-liners. One user called this video a “horror movie”.

Another user pointed out some weird dishes and combinations that are served in Ahmedabad. 

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Are you willing to try it?

Cover Image Courtesy: @MFuturewala/X(formerly Twitter)