Since 1979, Al Afadhil’s Has Been Serving Lucknowi Delicacies In UAE. Head There Now!

Al Afadhil
by Deeplata Garde 183

An expat’s life in UAE is difficult. Not just the lifestyle but with a galore of cuisines surrounding you, we still ought to miss the flavours from back home. But this restaurant in UAE has been helping Indian expats relish food which gives nostalgia. Al Afadhil’s multiple branches across UAE have been a people’s favourite since its opening in 1979. The decades-old restaurant is run by a home-grown chef from India.

Slow Cooked Lucknowi Delicacies Are Al Afadhil’s Speciality

Al Afadhil

Pic Creds: Zomato/Al Afadhil

Syed Jafar Husain has been constantly attracting people with his traditional cooking style in UAE. The only language to connect him with people in UAE was food when he came to UAE from India in 1970. Back then the country was still in the development stage but people were still foodies then and are still mad behind Syed’s home-cooked dishes.

In addition to missing his family and friends, like the numerous others who had immigrated in quest of a better life, he also missed the food.

He missed his native Lucknow’s thick, sweet lassi and spicy, slow-cooked kebabs. Al Afadhil debuted on Dubai Creek in 1979, travelled around a bit, and then settled in 1990 in Al Nahda, Sharjah. Today, trucks from the local industry sector roll through the dark wooden doors, and a nearby gym’s gym clang can be heard across the street. A plain sign reading “Lucknow Kabab” is posted on the wall to the side. There are several little tables and booths inside. There are only 7 dishes on a modest menu that hasn’t changed over the years.

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40 Years Of Legacy Handled By Sons

Al Afadhil

Pic Creds: Zomato/Al Afadhil

Syed Jafar Husain passed away in 2018 but his two sons took the oath to continue the legacy of spreading love through food. According to sources, Mohammed, 30, and Mustafa, 27 are on the quest of maintaining their father’s recipe to provide the best food to the people of UAE. They also stated how their father was never bothered about earning but always wanted people to relish Indian delicacies so they don’t miss their homeland.

Hence the prices on the menu are still the same as they were in the 1980s. Even after relentless suggestions by customers to increase the price, neither the Late Mr Husain nor his sons ever agreed upon this idea.

The menu includes Galouti kabab which takes an ultimate 14 hours to prepare and is priced at Dhs14. Sweet and thick Lassi, Paratha, Shami Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kabab and Gulab Jamun.

So if you are missing these Lucknowi dishes, head to this spot and be a part of the ages-old legacy and relish some really scrumptious food.

Where: Dubai & Sharjah
When: 11 am – 12 am
Price: AED 40 for two people

Cover Image Courtesy: Zomato/Al Afadhil Al Karama