Singapore Zoo’s Staycation Is Your Chance To Glamp It Out In The Wild And Have Some Wild Animal Encounters

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Singapore Zoo’s Staycation Is Your Chance To Glamp It Out In The Wild And Have Some Wild Animal Encounters

If you are an animal lover, how about a staycation in the wild? No, you don’t have to go and camp in a forest. Instead, Singapore Zoo has something exciting for you. Take your normal staycations to the next level by glamping in the wild. The famous ‘Glamping in the Wild’ experience offered by the Mandai Wildlife Group in the Singapore Zoo is back as of April 1, 2023. Here is everything you should know about this experience.

Enjoy This Unique Singapore Zoo’s Staycation

Glamping, in simple terms, gives you the experience of camping in a luxurious manner. Singapore Zoo’s staycation, ‘Glamping in the Wild’ offers a fully air-conditioned tent, beautifully set in the lush green rainforest. You can stay here for a night and experience the wild with animal encounters and behind the-scenes tours. 

You can interact with the park’s Asian elephants up close at a feeding session and learn more about them from their friendly caretakers. If you are someone who simply loves animals, you can visit the Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre and the Wildlife Nutrition Centre. This visit will help you know how all the animals (about 15,000) across River Wonders, Singapore Zoo, and  Night Safari are healthy and well-fed. 

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Enjoy Breakfast In The Wild

As a part of the Singapore Zoo’s staycations, you will also get to see the beauty of majestic carnivores like African cheetahs and lions. You can also enjoy the Californian Sea Lion’s acrobatics at Splash Safari, sitting right on the front seat. 

After getting a glimpse of these animals, the next morning you will be enjoying breakfast with orangutans, coatimundis, macaws, and tamanduas. This programme is known as Breakfast in the Wild. 

Glamping in the Wild will be available on various dates in April. It will take a short break and resume this programme in the month of October. Each tent can accommodate four people and costs around $1699. 

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Will you try this experience?

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