Six Tips To Make Your Child Travel Friendly

by Pooja Paryani
Six Tips To Make Your Child Travel Friendly

Parents, Don’t Sweat It!

We love kids but do we love traveling with them? I am not sure if all can be on the same page here. Kids have a mind of their own and if they are not happy being where they are and doing what they are being offered to do, well, they do have the ability to make smiling faces frown. So here are a few hacks to travel with your kids and make them comfortable as you explore new places.


1. A Personal Trunk

You might think that your child is too young to have a suitcase of his/her own but, don’t underestimate them. Give a personal colourful trunk to your child, keep it light and let him/her drag the same. This is sure to get them excited for the trip and can keep them busy at least at the airport. Allow them to carry their own luggage as this gives them the encouragement to travel.

2. Toys Or Books

Toys can be a kid’s best companion and give them a sense of belongingness. Carry that favourite toy and keep it safely till the tantrum is thrown. This can help in getting them distracted. If your child likes to be involved more in activities than just cuddling with a soft toy, carry a set of crayons and a mini diary and let the creativity speak for itself.


3. Gadgets

Love them or hate them but you cannot ignore them! That’s the power of your mobile phone. One sight of it and your child can’t take his/her eyes off it. So it’s best to use this device in your favour. If not the physical motor skills, some of the games can help in the mental development of the child and can also keep them busy on the way.


4. Open Spaces

Wherever you go, try and take your kids to a garden or an amusement park. This gives them the sense of liberation to be able to kick or box in the air. It is also a great opportunity to get up, close and personal with nature, free from pollution. Bird sanctuaries or zoos always make the best choice for these curious minds.


5. Tell Stories

Children enjoy listening to stories and telling them a tale about the place you will be visiting will only add a fun element to their travel expedition. Be it about the culture or the history, educate your child and he/she will be more curious and become an integral part of the journey.


6. Let them be

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it doesn’t go down well with children. Didn’t we mention they have a mind of their own? They are sometimes not too happy about coming out of their comfort zone. Let them be. Don’t force them to do things. children sometimes take the time to settle down so give them that time. Once comfortable, they will come around.


The trick is to involve them in whatever you are doing. Treat them as adults and encourage them to participate, be it meeting the locals or trying a new cuisine, you may come back home discovering something new about your child. Be ready to be surprised.

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