Sizzle At BKC’s Newest Restaurant – Burn Kitchen and Malt Room

by Natasha Monteiro
Sizzle At BKC’s Newest Restaurant – Burn Kitchen and Malt Room

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Mumbai’s business district has got another new addition – Burn Kitchen and Malt Room.

What Is It?

Located right in the heart of BKC, you can see the signature mark of Burn from 500 metres away. Sharing space with BKC Dive, Jimmy’s Dhaba and other newly launched restaurants, Burn is going all out to make a mark. Burn is divided into two sections an all-day diner and a malt room.

First Impressions

When you walk into the kitchen and maltroom section of Burn, the first thing you notice is the burning cinders across the room. As your eyes get used to the soft yellow lighting, you slowly start taking in the wood paneled walls and the giant bar to match. The tables are in a similar wooden shade.


All in all, it looks like a place meant for business-men who want to come in to sip on their ₹20,000 scotch. However, the music and the live DJ located discreetly in a corner tell a different story. You’d expect a place like this to play some classical Chopin or a dash of Mozart. Instead, you’re surrounded by Justin Bieber crooning Despacito and Major Lazer & DJ Snake looking for someone to lean on.

Keep walking across and a single white door separates you from the All Day Diner. This space is a direct contrast to the dim yellows of the malt room. It’s like the inside of a very sterile room with white walls, white sofas and a kitchen that you can look into. The floors are lined in white and black marble. If you’re looking to take a few pictures, the all-day diner is your best bet. Unfortunately, the only music here is the spill-over of what’s happening in the malt room.

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Burn - Kitchen & Maltroom
Akriti posing outside Burn

The Food

We tried out a varied selection of the menu and we’ve come back with (full stomachs) and some great recommendations. Here’s a list of what you must try and what you shouldn’t.


Must-try: Bouillabaisse

There are hardly any restaurants in the city that serve bouillabaisse, much less a good one. The one at Burn is exceptional. We loved the consistency, the taste and the freshness of the ingredients. If you’re a sea-food lover, this is one thing you can’t skip.

Must-try: Citrus and Garlic Marinated Grilled Prawns

A prawn on a stick? This one’s a sticky delight. We have to warn you though, there’s no elegant way to eat it. The prawns are crunchy, tasty and perfectly done.

Citrus and Garlic Marinated Grilled Prawns
Citrus and Garlic Marinated Grilled Prawns

Must-try: Diwani Handi with Assorted Breads

We haven’t forgotten about the vegetarians. We tried out the Diwani Handi and it was spectacular. It was deliciously creamy and goes wonderfully with a garlic naan.

Must-try: Caramelized Khari with Kulfi

And what a fantastic end to our meal it was. It’s become my new favouite combination and one that I can’t wait to introduce everyone to.

Skip: Grilled Imported New Zealand Lamb Chops with Garlic

The thing with dishes that have great presentation is that you can’t wait to try it. This was our sad story. We couldn’t get through a single lamb chop. It was a tad bit too salty, a little too fatty and very chewy.

Grilled Imported New Zealand Lamb Chops with Garlic
Grilled Imported New Zealand Lamb Chops with Garlic

Skip: Crab Wontons with Sweet & Sour Sauce

There was nothing wrong with this one, but we’ve had better. The presentation is great and the quantity is good. The taste is alright with nothing that stands out.

The Drinks

Aah! A malt room that serves cocktails? We were expecting it to be exceptional, so we decided to try out three. Unfortunately, it was sugar-water served in three different variations.

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We tried the Tipsy Chromie (Malibu, coconut milk, turmeric and glazed honey syrup with sugar cane dash). The sugar cane stood out as the strongest element of a drink that was otherwise just sugar. Nostalgia (Captain Morgan, dark chocolate, honey syrup, Nutella dash) looked the most promising. I was hoping for a bitter drink mixed with the spiced tinge of the Cap. We got an overtly sweetened and iced version of chocolate juice. Oxygen (vodka, lemoncillo, homemade vanilla syrup with lemon juice, mascarpone) was what you’d serve at a kid’s birthday party (minus the alcohol. Drinking is bad, kids!)

Oxygen, Nostalgia & Tipsy Chromie at Burn

If the drinks were lacking, the presentation was lacking just a tiny bit more. The only fancy thing about our drinks was nothing. We were kidding. There was absolutely nothing fancy about our drinks! See how it feels to have your hopes dashed. When you think of places like Lord Of The Drinks and Mojo’s, there’s a lot that Burn could pick up.

Our experiences with the drinks? Well, we got burnt!

The Service

This aspect deserves a 10/10. The staff was polite, the service was good and the operations manager (John Wesley) was a jovial, fun person who added fun to the table.

Location: Building No 19, Pinnacle Corporate Park, Next to Trade Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Timings: 9am to 2:30am

Contact: 022 69000094, 022 69000095

Approx Cost For Two: ₹2,000 with alcohol

Curly Tales Verdict: 3/5

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