Sleep Tourism Is The Latest Travel Trend Taking Over The World. *Where Do We Sign Up? *

by Sushmita Mahanta
Sleep Tourism Is The Latest Travel Trend Taking Over The World. *Where Do We Sign Up? *

Do you stare aimlessly at the ceiling at night because you can’t sleep? If yes, then what better than going on sleep travel? Yes, you heard it right! Sleep Tourism, one of the growing trends in the World post-pandemic, is grabbing all the eyeballs. The hospitality sector is now mostly focusing on the concept of sound sleep and properties across the globe are now offering guests to check in to hotels curated only for sleep-related activities. Read on to know more about this new trend that’s taking over the World of late.

Where Do You Sign Up?

Properties across the World are now offering the Only Sleep experience. The pandemic totally ruined the sleeping schedule of people. No doubt post two years sleep tourism is gaining all the limelight.

Earlier in 2022, the Park Hyatt in New York introduced the Bryte Restorative Sleep Suite. Their new 900-square-feet rooms are totally dedicated to rest. Sounds exciting, we say!
Zedwell in London is the first sleep-only hotel offering guests a short break in their sound-proof property and AI-powered mattresses.
Mandarin Oriental, Geneva is relentlessly conducting sleep programs for their guests to offer them sound sleeping experiences. All in all, Sleep tourism is totally picking up the pace!

Sleep tourism

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Why Sleep Tourism Is A Rising Travel Trend?

According to Chhavi Chadha, travel advisor and founder, of Bespoke Tailormade Experiences, relaxation and sleep are basic human needs but owing to the fast-paced lifestyle, people have to give dedicated time to fulfill these needs. Chadha says, “For those in the corporate world, work stress and lack of personal time make slow travel a priority. Sleep tourism is a form of slow tourism and it is only going to get bigger from here.”

Now that you know of this new travel trend called Sleep Tourism, are you craving to try it out? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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